Last Name First Name Title Function Country Language
Moeller Kristian President Chief Executive Officer Germany German, English
Alzueta Flavio Vice President Chief Marketing Officer Spain Spanish, English, Portuguese
Fekete Andras Vice President Chief Integrity Officer Hungary Hungarian, English
Philipp Markus Executive Vice President Chief Operations Officer Germany German, English, French
Antequera Ignacio Senior Manager Team Leader Technical Key Accounts Spain Spanish, English, German
Coetzer-Boersma Elmé Vice President Chief Standards Officer South Africa English, Afrikaans
Uhlig Kerstin Senior Manager Key Account Germany German, English, Spanish, French
Hages-Coco Birgit - Office Management Germany German, English, French, Spanish
Moeller Iris - Travel Management Germany German, English
Stollenwerk Michaela Manager Team Leader Marketing Germany German, English, Italian, French
Becker Nadine - Integrity Program Management Germany German, English, Spanish
Catrón Daniel Senior Expert Integrity Program Coordinator Chile English, Spanish
Kafzyk Anne - Certification Body Administration Germany German, English, Spanish
Radoslavov Valentin - Certification Body Support Germany Bulgarian, German, English
Muñoz Nazario Expert Integrity Assessments & Training Spain Spanish, English
Petrov Kliment Expert Integrity Assessments & Training Bulgaria Bulgarian, English, French
Terheggen Ute Senior Expert Team Leader CB Administration & Benchmarking Germany German, English
Stamatis Vassilis Expert Integrity Assessments & Training Greece Greek, English
Aumueller Roland Senior Expert Feed & Livestock Germany German, English, French
Gremminger Heidi Senior Expert Team Leader Integrity Uruguay Spanish, English, German, Italian
Lüdeke Friedrich Senior Expert Training Germany German, English
Weymann Valeska Senior Expert Technical Key Account Aquaculture Germany Spanish, English, Potuguese, German
Xin Zhou Manager Key Account China Chinese, English
Jahn Gabriele Senior Manager Management Systems & Projects Germany German, English
Britt Anita Junior Manager Committees & NTWGs Administration Germany German, English, Spanish
Landgrebe Nisha Junior Manager Translations & Document Quality Germany German, English, Spanish
Rauber Heike Manager Team Leader Translations & Document Quality Germany German, English, French, Spanish
Venter Christi Expert Product Development South Africa English, Afrikaans
Denis Alexandra Expert GRASP Germany Hungarian, German, English
Baumgarten Jochen Manager Team Leader IT Services Germany German, English
Mahnert Simone Manager Team Leader Customized Solutions & Projects Germany German, English, French
Beyme, von Ami Manager Membership Management Germany German, English, Spanish
Kellermann Lukas Junior Manager IT Services Germany German, English
Kostzewski Dagmar Expert Controlling Germany German, English
Oparina Lina Expert Team Leader Customer Support Germany German, English, Ukranian, Russian, French
Anguilet Lena - Project Department Germany German, English, Chinese, French
Huebers Britta Junior Manager Team Leader Capacity Building Germany German, English, Chinese
Bock Claudia Junior Expert Farm Assurer Program Germany Spanish, English, German, Guarani
Fabiszisky Daniela - Assistant to the COO & Team Leader Office Management Germany German, English
Hausen Lisa Junior Manager Certification Body Workshop Germany German, English
Schmidt Tanja Senior Expert Benchmarking Germany German, English, Spanish, French
Kretschmer Nina Manager Event Management Germany German, English, Spanish
Fintel, von Sarah - Marketing/Publications/GGN Administration Germany German, English, French, Spanish
Meifert Claudia Manager Team Leader PR & Social Media Department Germany German, English
Moellecken Eva - Membership Assistance Germany German, English, French, Italian, Chinese
Heinemann Lisa - Partnerships & Workshop Organization Germany German, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish
Dettmar Romina - Marketing/Events Germany German, English
Jansen Leonard - IT Services Germany German, English
Sievers Almut - Public Relations Germany German, English, French
Herb Simone - Translations & Document Quality Support Germany German, English, Spanish
Goebel Jennifer - Front Office Germany German, English
Uribe Enrique - Technical Expert Germany Spanish, English, German
Herz Farah - Customer Support Germany German, Spanish, English
Anderson Roberta Executive Vice President GLOBALG.A.P. North America Market & Business Development USA English
Lauer Lena - Customer Support Germany. German, English
Millard Belinda - Key Account Manager Australia English
Dehkalani Jana - Online-Marketing/ Market Analyses Germany German, English, Spanish
Voss Anneke - Key Account Manager Partnerships Germany German, English, French
Mokross Christiane - Farm Assurer Program Germany German, English, Spanish
Garcia del Castillo Marina - Workshop Organization Germany Spanish, German, English
Anderson Rebecca - Technical Key Account Manager USA English, Spanish
Spence Raina - Director of Producer Solutions USA English, Spanish
Saglam Tayyibe - GGN.ORG Administration Germany German, Turkish, English
Quiros Nolan Expert GRASP Costa Rica Spanish, English
Velazquez Lopez Cristina - Customer Support Germany German, Spanish, English
Quinn Rosemary - Manager of Operations and Communications GLOBALG.A.P. North America USA English, Spanish
Baez Yohana - Student Assistant Germany Spanish, German
Kiemen Inga Junior Manager Social Media Germany German, English
Lehr Jacqueline - Controlling Support Germany German, English, Japanese
Diwa Victoria - Event and Marketing Support Germany German, English, French, Spanish
Kimourtzakis Georgios - Complaints Management Officer Greece Greek, English, German
Bonten Marc - IT Services Germany German, English
Schubert Fiona - Assistant to the CEO Germany German, English
Eckschlager Karina Expert Integrity Assessments Spain English, Spanish, German
Abrami Oshin -- Data Mining & Statistics Germany German, English, Armenian
Malilo Naiga -- Standards and Technical Support/Assistant Germany Swahili, English, German
Bärwald Viola -- Certification Body Support Germany German, English, Spanish, Italian
Schmidt Regine -- Travel Management Germany German, English
Aldave David -- Student Assistant Public Relations Germany Spanish, English, French, German
Mandrah Jitendra -- Key Account Manager India India English, Hindi
Rattanametta Napaporn -- Technical Key Account Manager Thailand Thailand THai, English
Mitic Miodrag Head of Traceability Solutions Senior Expert Chain of Custody Belgium English, French, Serbian, Croatian
Villegas Marco -- Key Account Manager Mexico Mexico Spanish, English
Binkiewicz Dawid -- Integrity Support Germany German, English, Polish