Harmonized Produce Safety Harmonized Produce Safety

Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS)

The Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS) is a new food safety standard managed and operated by GLOBALG.A.P.  In contrast to GLOBALG.A.P.'s Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA), the HPSS - like the current Produce Safety Standard (PSS) - covers only food safety and traceability.

The core of the standard is the combination of the United Fresh Produce GAPs Harmonization Initiative’s “Field Operations and Harvesting” and “Post-Harvest Operations” Standards. These standards were previously approved as the USA National Interpretation Guidelines (NIGLs) for IFA and PSS; but are now auditable as the basis of an accredited standard. The HPSS will be submitted for GFSI benchmarking.

The HPSS is to be audited according to the GLOBALG.A.P. General Regulations and the HPSS Addendum. Once it has successfully achieved GFSI benchmarking, HPSS will replace the PSS. HPSS may be used by producers in North, Central and South America, selling to those buyers requesting this certification, especially in North America.

Note: HPSS does not replace IFA Certification, and the buyers requesting IFA (e.g. European retailers) will continue to only accept the IFA Standard.

A combined (IFA+HPSS) checklist will be available to facilitate a combined IFA and HPSS inspection and self-assessment for those producers requiring both certificates.