Real Stories, Real People, Real Successes

Presenting GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Producers

Nothing touches people more than a true story of struggle and success. A story that reflects real accomplishments that others can relate to and learn from. Producers around the world face very similar challenges. Given the opportunity to share them, they can not only help other farmers but also help strengthen their communities and the global environment.

Our new series is designed to showcase GLOBALG.A.P. certified producers and their successes. Our appeal goes out to farmers of all our scopes - crops, aquaculture, livestock - including those that apply our Add-On modules, such as GRASP, Animal Welfare, etc. We wish to provide a platform to share knowledge and experience through the stories of our certified producers. Join us today and share your story with the GLOBALG.A.P. Community.

Instructions to Participate

You can submit your story via our online form in English, Spanish or German. This includes:

  • Basic information including your contact details and your GGN (please note that you can only apply with a valid GGN!)
  • A list of questions to help you tell your story in the best way possible.
  • An upload field for your logo (max. 2 MB)
  • An upload field for photos and/or videos of your farm (max. 5 MB)

Submission Rules & Photo Specifications

  • Your story may be edited for clarity and grammar.
  • Please provide us with high-quality images (min. resolution 150 dpi) for our print materials, as well as high-quality logo files. Photos submitted must be in jpg or png and preferably portrait format.
  • Submitted photos must be the photographer’s original work.
  • No date stamps on the photo.
  • No nudity.
  • Photos submitted may be edited for promotional purposes (website, calendars, newsletter, social media).
  • GLOBALG.A.P. will promote the stories via the website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • We may contact your certification body or farm assurer for reference.

For more information, please contact Jana Voß.