1. Benefit from the long-standing reputation and trust GLOBALG.A.P. has built worldwide.
  2. Gain exclusive access to our online worldwide Farm Assurer Network. Take part in webinars, discuss techniques with fellow Farm Assurers, and get answers directly from our technical experts.
  3. Increased publicity. GLOBALG.A.P. actively promotes Farm Assurers. All Farm Assurers are listed on our website with their company logo and contact details. Receive your Farm Assurer ID card and certificate upon registration.
  4. As an exclusive GLOBALG.A.P. partner, you provide your customers with an additional first-class consulting service. This strengthens your customer relationship and builds trust. Make use of GLOBALG.A.P. presentations about GLOBALG.A.P. and localg.a.p.
  5. Regular Farm Assurer training webinars keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in farm assurance.
  6. Potential business opportunities with GLOBALG.A.P. partners.
  7. Receive GLOBALG.A.P. marketing materials for your clients as part of our Farm Assurer benefits program.