Produce Handling Standard FG Produce Handling Standard FG

Produce Handling Standard Focus Group (PHS FG)

GLOBALG.A.P. is developing a new standard for packhouses applicable in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) and select international facilities.  This standard will satisfy a clear need for an integrated GLOBALG.A.P. solution that can extend to independent packhouses. We are aiming for a Q1 2018 launch.  The new standard will not apply to processing.

The standards development process follows:

  1. Focus Group: November/December 2017
  2. Public consultation: December 2017/January 2018
  3. Field trials: January/February 2018
  4. Standard publication and implementation: March 2018
  5. Application for GFSI recognition (March 2018)

Please contact if you are interested in contributing to this process. You can download the Terms of Reference for the PHS FG here.

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