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Dear Colleague,

Greetings from Cologne!

This month we celebrated the successful re-benchmarking of the government-owned program ChinaGAP with the GLOBALG.A.P. Fruit and Vegetables Standard. This renews and strengthens our collaboration agreement with China. The signing took place in the presence of high-ranking government officials at a special ceremony during the 2015 World Accreditation Day in Beijing on 9 June.

And for our TOUR Stop in Ecuador this month, we also received confirmation from the country’s government that they plan to align their agricultural standard with GLOBALG.A.P.

While our commercial integration of farmers into local and global supply chains continues to grow, we have been strengthening our efforts to find alignments with the public sector–namely governments and civil societies. With our newly published Integrated Farm Assurance Standard Version 5 and the upgrade of our GLOBALG.A.P. Benchmarking Regulations Version 5, we are adding innovative approaches that not only help market safer agricultural food products but also help governments meet their public health and food security goals. The new Version 5 of our Aquaculture Standard, in particular, was designed to fully meet the United Nations FAO Technical Guidelines on Aquaculture Certification and a recognized level of global food safety requirements.

We have used platforms such as the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit in New York, the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association IFAMA Global Conference, and the Declaration of Abu Dhabi to promote the idea of private-public partnerships in good agricultural practices certification. In line with our strategy, our own program G.A.P. in Action has been gaining momentum and generating increased interest. Check out our website at to learn more.

And here’s a list of other developments in our global community:
  • Certification Profile: Chile’s Sea Garden Achieves GLOBALG.A.P. Certification
  • US Tomato Grower Backyard Farms Is First to Obtain GLOBALG.A.P. Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS) Certification
  • Introducing a new Supplier Member: Poland’s Amplus Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.
My next trip takes me to New Zealand, where our next TOUR 2015 Stop will be held in conjunction with the HortNZ Conference 2015. Hope to see you there!

Best regards,
Kristian Moeller

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LIDL Slovenia Counts on GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Fruits and Vegetables
GLOBALG.A.P. Retailer News

As part of their policy to build and safeguard consumer trust and food safety as well as reduce the negative agricultural effects on the environment, all of LIDL’s producers and suppliers of fruits and vegetables are GLOBALG.A.P. certified.



ChinaGAP Renews Benchmarking with GLOBALG.A.P.
GLOBALG.A.P. Benchmarking News

GLOBALG.A.P. and the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) signed an agreement renewing ChinaGAP’s benchmarking with the GLOBALG.A.P. Fruit and Vegetables Standard. The signing took place in the presence of high-ranking government officials at a special ceremony during the 2015 World Accreditation Day on 9 June.



The introduction of the GLOBALG.A.P. Version 5 Standards for produce and for aquaculture were the main deliveries at our TOUR Stop in Guayaquit, Ecuador. In the context of this national event, the Ecuadorian Government confirmed that it plans to align its agricultural standard with GLOBALG.A.P.


Upcoming TOUR 2015 Stops August/September:
For further information on all GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2015 Stops click here!

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US Tomato Grower Backyard Farms Is First to Obtain GLOBALG.A.P. Harmonized Produce Safety Standard Certification
GLOBALG.A.P. Standard News

Backyard Farms, New England’s largest year-round grower of tomatoes, has become the first grower ever to obtain GLOBALG.A.P. Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS) certification, the food safety standard operated by GLOBALG.A.P. in North America that combines the United Fresh Produce GAPs Harmonization Initiative’s “Field Operations and Harvesting” and “Post-Harvest Operations” Standards.


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New Supplier Member Profile: Poland’s Amplus Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.
GLOBALG.A.P. Member News

Amplus Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnoscią S.K.A. (in short: Sp.z o.o. S.K.A.) is a leading Polish fruit and vegetable producer. Established in 1992, the 23-year success of the company is based on the extensive experience of its owners in the fruit and vegetable market.


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Chile’s Sea Garden Achieves GLOBALG.A.P. Certification 
GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture News

Premium quality salmon processing company Sea Garden S.A. has achieved GLOBALG.A.P. Certification for its plant in Puerto Varas in the region of Los Lagos in Chile.


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