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Dear Colleague,

Greetings from Cologne!

Let me start by welcoming two GLOBALG.A.P. members who will play active roles in our community: Tesco’s Clare Rapa-Marley has joined the GLOBALG.A.P. Integrity Surveillance Committee, and Hugo Hays of Fyffes was appointed supplier representative to the GLOBALG.A.P. Board.

I wish to thank both Tesco and Fyffes for their continued support by enabling these experts to serve our community and shape the future and integrity of GLOBALG.A.P. Certification.

In September we completed the update of our Integrated Farm Assurance Standards with the publication of our Version 5 for Livestock. This updated program includes increased biosecurity and animal welfare elements and helps producers reduce the use of antimicrobial drugs.

Our team has been very busy this month with six successful TOUR 2015 Stops in Chile (Aquaculture), Ethiopia, Brazil, East Africa and Peru, serving more than 700 attendees in this stretch alone. Read our latest TOUR 2015 reports in this edition.

Here’s a list of other activities and developments in our global community:
  • Public Workshop at Vietfish to support Vietnamese Aquaculture Industry
  • Collaboration with the United Arab Emirates University: Students intern at our Cologne Office
  • We congratulate three new organizations hosting National Technical Working Groups, and are happy to offer our support to drive GLOBALG.A.P. adoption in their countries:
    • NTWG Hungary Fruit and Vegetables: Control Union - Melinda Czeglédi
    • NTWG Poland Crops and Aquaculture Base, Chain of Custody, Plant Propagation Material: SGS Polska - Piotr Nowacki
    • NTWG South Africa Fruit and Vegetables: NSF Africa - Wouter Conradie
And here’s a list of upcoming IFA V5 Capacity Building and Farm Assurer Workshops:
I hope to see you at our booth at FRUIT ATTRACTION in Madrid on 28-30 October. But before that, we will be at ANUGA 2015 in Cologne, where we celebrate the launch of a new hybrid standard: The GLOBALG.A.P. Crops for Processing Standard. Interested? Here’s  your invitation to the launch event. We also invite you to participate in the public consultation for this new Standard. Please provide your comments by 21 October.

Best regards,
Kristian Moeller

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TESCO Renews Surveillance Role in GLOBALG.A.P.’s Certification Integrity Program
GLOBALG.A.P. Corporate News

Clare Rapa-Marley, who heads Tesco’s Technical Standards and Auditing for Food/Non-Food, UK and International, will replace Mirek Maziarka (formerly with Tesco Poland), as a retail member in GLOBALG.A.P.’s Integrity Surveillance Committee (ISC).


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Fyffes Joins Supplier Representation on GLOBALG.A.P. Board
GLOBALG.A.P. Corporate News

Hugo Hays, who is Head of Food Safety and Sustainability at Fyffes, has been appointed to the GLOBALG.A.P. Board for the 2013-2017 term as a Supplier Representative.


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Spain’s Culmárex Group Achieves GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Certification
GLOBALG.A.P. Aqua News

With more than 25 years dedicated to the farming and marketing of seabream and seabass, the Spanish producer Culmárex has achieved GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Certification for its good aquaculture practices along its entire chain of production, from hatchery to packaged product.


Platanera Rio Sixaola Logo

Costa Rica: GLOBALG.A.P. Certified Sixaola Bananas Selected Top Brand

After investigating the plantation for fair farming, and climate- and environmentally-friendly production methods, the organization Rank a Brand has rated the Costa Rican banana producer Platanera Río Sixaola with an A-label–its highest and best level rating.


GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2015 Report: Our busiest Stretch Took Us to Chile, Ethiopia, Brazil, East Africa and Peru

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TOUR Stop East Africa: GLOBALG.A.P. and ICT Solutions for Food Safety and Traceability at the Farm – Read more…

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Upcoming TOUR 2015:
For further information on all GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2015 Stops click here!

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