Bangladesh Supermarket Leader Shwapno at GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT in Peru

Sabbir Nasir, Executive Director of Shwapno, shares his findings on his new private label for vegetables: “We do quite extensive work in the fields and display the farmers next to the products in our store with planting and harvest days, as well as...


GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2018 - Conference Update August

The SUMMIT 2018 conference hotel Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center has reserved 200 rooms for our delegates at a very attractive price, but you must reserve your room before 2 September.

GLOBALG.A.P. Recognized for Standalone Position on Animal Welfare in Aquaculture Certification

Many countries do not address animal welfare in their national laws governing aquaculture. A first step towards consolidating fish welfare criteria on the level of EU legislation was taken at the European Parliament’s first ever fish welfare event on 6 June 2018.


Dutch Flowers & Ornamentals Standard MPS-GAP Re-Benchmarked

The Dutch flowers and ornamentals standard MPS-GAP has successfully passed the GLOBALG.A.P. re-benchmarking and has been recognized as an equivalent scheme.

Jackfruit - Could This Fruit Possibly Help Ending World Hunger?

At first you might be skeptical about going near this fruit. The spiky, green fruit looks like a dragon egg that you should not be taking home because a mythical creature might break out of it.


Asia Fruit Logistica
5‌-7‌ September | China | Hong Kong

GLOBALG.A.P. Summit 2018
5‌-‌7‌ November‌ 2018 | Peru | Lima

Fruit Attraction
23‌-25‌ October | Spain | Madrid

  • 18-20‌ September: Crops, India, Nashik, in English

  • 25-27 September‌: Crops, Germany, Cologne, in English

  • 25-27‌ September: PHA V1.0, USA, Kingsburg, CA, in English

  • 2‌-4‌ October: Crops, Thailand, Bangkok, in English


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