GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2018 a Resounding Success

Opened by Mr Cesar Villanueva, Prime Minister of Peru, around 400 industry professionals and specialists from all over the world met in Peru to discuss current and future developments in the agricultural sector, including the latest innovations and trends in food safety and sustainability. Other key topics included Good Agriculture and Aquaculture Practices, and the future of the entire industry.

Future Unravelled

Consumer research by McKinsey & Company has revealed that fresh produce drives consumer loyalty and traffic – with transparency and authenticity being key factors – in all of which certification plays a central role. 
This is particularly relevant for the Chinese market, as stipulated by the CEO of China Ants Alliance (CAA).

Responsible Production made Simple - Beating Complexity to Create new Markets

Beating complexity is non-negotiable. It requires new levels of collaboration, working with antagonists, and transparency to build trust across the entire supply chain.

Success Stories - Creating new Markets for Responsibly Grown Food and Flowers

Those brands that manage to trace their products and tell a compelling story about farming and production will win the new markets for responsibly grown food and flowers. The GGN consumer label has become a successful tool for re-establishing the producer-consumer connection.

Transparency Unlimited? - The Future of Food Retailing

Transparency is a concept that receives full CEO support as a driver for retail and ultimately shareholder value.

Getting Ready for FSMA

A fruit or vegetable producer's GLOBALG.A.P. IFA + FSMA PSR Add-on certificates and audit reports can serve as the necessary record of verification efforts and audit, supporting a USA importer's FSMA compliance efforts according to the FSMA Foreign Supplier Verification Programs Rule.

Stop Food Fraud

Food fraud is definitely not unknown to primary production and there is more and more attention from the private industry and the public sector to aspects like compliance with customer specifications on origin and sustainability. Their joint work is the key to success in preventing food fraud.

Agricultural Education for a Sustainable Future 

Everybody agrees that supporting young people and fostering education is a crucial task; especially the transfer of knowledge between theory (academia) and real farmers should continue.

Women Leadership in Agriculture 

Women are already playing a huge role in the whole supply chain – from producer to consumer – and it is time that the value of women in agriculture and in leadership positions in agriculture is recognized and emphasized.

Zero Risk Promised?

There is no such thing as zero risk, instead risks should be mitigated by means of a positive food safety culture.

One Health - Antimicrobial Resistance in Animal Production 

Antimicrobial resistance is an important issue of global interest that requires all parties involved in livestock and aquaculture production systems as well as human medicine to join forces to fight AMR. While the role of human medicine in this context is still underestimated, GLOBALG.A.P. standards already provide an effective tool for reducing the use of antibiotics and combatting AMR. Moving forward, there needs to be a unified definition of antibiotic free production.

The Powerhouse of Peru

Government support and promotion of safe and sustainable agriculture will help responsible producers overcome the new trends and challenges of maintaining social and economic growth, which in turn will make the powerhouse of Peru more sustainable.

Upscale Expertise

Capacity building for farmers is a continuous process that requires long-term commitment. It requires collaboration and partnerships, as well as a holistic approach, especially when developing new markets for certification.

Stop Residue Exeedance

The goal "zero residue" is misleading, and the industrie should go for "zero exeedance". Helpful is a systematic prevention strategy: establish a Quality Management System for production (pre and post harvest) that takes into consideration the importance of avoiding residue exceedance and focuses on further development of Good Agricultural Production systems through knowledge transfer and education.

Less Auditors on Site

We need to outline the opportunities and value of auditors by placing such a provocative session title in order to make sure not to be misunderstood. In the medium term, forms of remote auditing will have to gain acceptance.

Go for Small

Offering dedicated technical support and training geared towards optimizing farming practices and ensuring long-term commitment from all stakeholders builds trust and can also be a key factor for creating more success stories.

Stop Forced Labor

GLOBALG.A.P. needs to bring together international public-private alliances to control and stop forced labor in agriculture.

FDA Recognition for Certification Bodies

ANSI has developed a gap analysis of the ISO to FDA differences for certification bodies (CB) that apply with ANSI for FDA recognition. Perhaps the most striking difference is that the audit criteria for producers “certified" is defined by each CB that has applied for FDA recognition rather than a definitive scheme such as those offered by current private standards which may result in each CB  having its own FDA scheme.

Unlock the Value of Data

We need to move forward from the platitude 'data is the new gold' and prove how we can really generate value for farmers by sharing their data in a GLOBALG.A.P.-supported framework.

New Markets for Responsibly Grown Flowers

The global growth of markets for cut flowers (especially in Asia) will also lead to an increasing market share for responsibly grown flowers. Standards will have to collaborate in order to create clear and reliable communication strategies (incl. labels such as GGN) on what “responsibly grown” actually means.

Non-GM Choice

GLOBALG.A.P. certified operations along the production chain of aquaculture and livestock can meet the growing demand for NON-GM products by leveraging the customized solutions of NON-GM Add-ons.
The German NON-GM/'Ohne Gentechnik' label owner VLOG entered into a cooperation based on their trust in the GLOBALG.A.P. system.
GLOBALG.A.P. certified feed mills, producers (livestock and aquaculture), and processors now have an efficient way to obtain NON-GM recognition translated into a well-known label.

GLOBALG.A.P., World Banana Forum, and REWE Group Call to Action to Prevent the Destructive Spread of the Banana Pathogen TR4

At the GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT in Peru, GLOBALG.A.P. and the World Banana Forum (WBF) presented a global action plan to save bananas from the threat of Tropical Race 4 (TR4). The REWE Group was the first grocery retailer to sign up and has committed to take measures against the highly destructive pathogen.


Proudly Presenting G.A.P. Award Winners 2018

From The Philippines: PHILPACK
From Costa Rica: Varcli Pinares S. A.
From Australia: Australian Fresh Leaf Herbs/ The Leaf Farm
From Turkey:  Alara Tarim Urunleri San. Ve Tic. A.S.

Learn more about the four winners and why they each won an award!

Naturipe’s Director of Food Safety and Social Responsibility at GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2018

Naturipe’s Director of Food Safety and Social Responsibility Donna Lynn Browne, spoke on several panels at GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT 2018 in Lima, Peru.

“The GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT introduces opportunities to educate our industry,” says Donna Lynn Browne. “We are at the point where produce companies grow globally. This summit helps bring together many key decision-makers from all over the world to discuss how the industry can move towards responsibly grown produce.”


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