Rimi Baltic Retailer Informs on Certification Target for Corporate Brand - TOUR Stop Latvia

Stronger food safety and sustainability requirements are leading to a 2020 deadline for food suppliers of corporate brand products at Rimi, one of the leading retailers in the Baltic States.


New and Improved Materials at GLOBALG.A.P. Capacity Building & Farm Assurer Workshops

“It is useful for all people who want to improve their way of farming and those who want to help producers for the same purpose."
Jean Paul, Kabalisa/Garden Fresh, workshop participant at Kenya workshop in March 2019 

Adding Value to the Indian Market with the GLOBALG.A.P. System - TOUR Stop India

The dynamic growth in the Indian market is giving rise to more consumer and regulatory focus on food safety and sustainable agriculture practices. For this reason, GLOBALG.A.P. collaborated with Syngenta India Ltd to organize two Tour Stops in New Delhi and Bengaluru on 6 and 8 March 2019.


First Romanian Chicken Producer Receives GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate

In June 2018, major chicken producer Transavia Farms became the first chicken producer to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. certification in Romania. The certification ensures the company’s safe and sustainable production of high-quality products.

Mamey Sapote – Rich in Mexican History

If it’s not a weird coconut, a genetically modified kiwi, or a papaya with skin like sandpaper, then I have no idea what kind of fruit I have just come across. From the outside it’s plain and unspectacular, but the flesh surprises with a strong, beautiful color.

Alejandra Pistagnesi
Technical Key Account Manager Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay


Seafood Expo Global
7-9 May | Belgium | Brussels

GLOBALG.A.P. Reception
at Seafood Expo Global

8 May - 4-5 pm | Belgium | Brussels

GLOBALG.A.P. News Update 
at Seafood Expo Global
8 May - 3-4 pm  | Belgium | Brussels

  • 3‌-5‌ April: Crops, Peru, Lima, in Spanish

  • 15‌-17‌ April: Livestock, China, Qingdao, in English

  • 8-10 May: Crops, Thailand, Bangkok, in English
  • 15‌-17‌ May: Crops, Colombia, Bogotá, in Spanish

  • 22‌-24‌ May: Crops, Mexico, Guadalajara, in Spanish

  • 28-31 May: Aquaculture, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, in English


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