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The spread of COVID-19 is changing the world. We at GLOBALG.A.P. will provide the best possible support to our members, producers, and certification bodies by sending out regular updates with separate emails and website publications on how the corona virus impacts agriculture and certification.

This regular monthly update shall, in contrast, focus on positive developments in our community. If you have encouraging news and want to share them, please contact us.

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Cooperation and Certification bring Uzbekistan’s Pomegranates to the World

Uzbekistan’s warm climate and plentiful sun make it a great place to grow large, juicy pomegranates. But few if any of these luscious fruits have been exported to international markets until now.


Greek Farmers Group Together and Go Sustainable

ASPIS SA is a family-owned company that, after nearly five decades, has become one of the largest fruit processors in Greece.They operate two processing plants, one in Argos (Southern Greece) and one in Irinoupoli Imathia (Northern Greece).


A Journey from localg.a.p. to GLOBALG.A.P. in Chile

The seed company Benary was founded in Erfurt, Germany by Ernst Benary in 1843. After World War II, the family business was shut down by the socialist government of East Germany.


Going Nuts for Nuts

Borja Murube at Almaco del Guadalquivir, S.L., has gotten used to hearing that he’s going nuts. “We received so many comments from farmers, friends, and so many people saying we were crazy planting walnuts and pecans because ‘nobody did it before in our area’” he said.

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  • GLOBALG.A.P HOP Sub-scope V5.3 Achieves GFSI Recognition

    • Group Certification

      • 10-11 September: Bangkok,Thailand, in English
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    • Sustainable Rice Platform

      • 13-14 October: Bangkok,Thailand,in English


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