GLOBALG.A.P. Meets Food Manufacturing Industry's Sustainable Farming Mark

SAI Platform recognizes GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Standard for FSA Silver.


Sector to Upgrade GLOBALG.A.P. Standard for Flowers and Ornamentals

A new industry focus group agrees on standard revision targets toward simplification and greater sustainability.

More Global Solutions for Farm Level Sustainability 

Be the first to know about the lastest developments at GLOBALG.A.P.: Join us at our annual news update at Fruit Logistica.


GLOBALG.A.P. and AgriPlace Chain are now Connected

“The connection between the two databases ensures that all GLOBALG.A.P. data is up-to-date. AgriPlace Chain users enter a GLOBALG.A.P. number once and everything else is completed automatically by the system. This means up to date extracts and information,“ GLOBALG.A.P. CEO Kristian Moeller said.

National Food Safety Policy and Capacity Building Key to Kenya’s Agricultural Growth

"Consumers in the local market have started demanding quality and safe food. We, therefore, need to build capacity for our farmers so that they are able to produce and compete in both the local and global market.” Prof. Hamadi Mboga, Permanent Secretary – State Department of Crop Development, Research and Policy.


Fruit Logistica 2020
5-6 February | Germany | Berlin

GLOBALG.A.P. News Update
at Fruit Logistica 2020

6 February, 12:30-1:30 pm | Germany | Berlin

Seafood Expo Global
21-23 April | Belgium | Brussels

GLOBALG.A.P. News Update at Seafood Expo Global
22 April | Belgium | Brussels


Our upcoming WORKSHOPS:
  • Producer - Crops

    • 25-26 February: Ozolnieki, Latvia, in English
    • 26-28 February: Nairobi, Kenya, in English
    • 3-4 March: Bogotá, Colombia, in Spanish
    • 17-18 March: Bengaluru, India, in English

  • Farm Assurer - Crops

    • 19-21 February: Chiang Mai,Thailand, in Thai
    • 27-29 April: Querétaro, Mexico, in Spanish
    • 28-30 April: Nairobi, Kenya, in English
    • 5-7 May: Bangkok,Thailand, in English
    • 12-14 May: Ica, Peru, in Spanish

  • Group Certification

  • Sustainable Rice Platform 
    • 13-14 October: Bangkok,Thailand, in English
  • PSA Grower

  • GLOBALG.A.P. North America

    • 11-13 February: PHA, Lake Alfred, FL, in English


GLOBALG.A.P. Membership

Every month we would like to show our appreciation for the support and contributions of our many GLOBALG.A.P. members by presenting a rotating display of their logos.

Retailer & Foodservice Members:
Producer & Supplier Members:
Associate Members:

GLOBALG.A.P. Media Partners

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