Category Title System Platform Description Release on Test Release Date Live
New FeatureProduct handling unit, Site Milestone 1DatabaseAllMultisite information per certificate has been implemented for Option 3/42020-01-312020-01-31
New FeatureCopy product attributs and destination countriesDatabaseWEBAt manage products you can now copy product attributes and destination countries entries from current to next cycle2020-01-312020-01-31
Configuration changesSPRING online trainingDatabaseWEBA new SPRING online training has been added2020-01-312020-01-31
New FeatureLastQueryDateDatabaseAPINow you can request a "lastQueryDate" via API2020-03-132020-03-16
Bug fixedAcceptance ModificationDatabaseWEBThe DoAPM event calculates correctly the "valid_to" for the next cycle2020-03-132020-03-16
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionDatabaseAllEHPEA Code of Practice for Sustainable Flower Production, Version 5.12020-03-132020-03-16
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionDatabaseAllIKB Varken Varkenshouders Version 222020-03-132020-03-16
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionDatabaseAllGLOBALG.A.P. IFA version 5.3 GFS2020-03-242020-03-26
New FeatureOption to confirm Food Safety Policy Declaration to IFAAudit OnlineAllAs an CB you are able to tick this box to confirm that you have read and agree with the FSPD2019-10-312019-11-05
New FeatureSimplified access to APIAudit OnlineWEBEvery user can generate it's so-called API Token itself to have direct access and make use of the API2019-10-312019-11-05
New FeatureExcel Offline SolutionAudit OnlineWEBAs an CB you are now able to make use of an automatically generated excel sheet for uploading results of checklists (Y, N, N/A, Justification) to existing Audit Reports2019-11-292020-01-08
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionAudit OnlineAllGLOBALG.A.P. IFA V5.2 (EN, ES)2019-09-252020-02-06
New FeatureOption 2 (incl. QMS)Audit OnlineAllAudit reports for option 2 (PG's and PG members) can be created, linked and exported as PDF.2020-02-052020-04-07
Configuration changes"N/A" applicable or not?Audit OnlineAPIadded "N/A" being applicable for control points in the response of Checklist/Get method in CB API2020-04-082020-04-27
Configuration changesAudit ReportsAudit OnlineWEBre-named "Assessor Team" to "Audit Team"; added name of CB to Audit Report (PDF); added language of Audit to Audit Report (PDF)2020-04-082020-04-27
Configuration changesRWA Online TrainingDatabaseWEBthe Raised Without Antibiotics online training has been added2020-04-082020-04-08
Configuration changesMultiple Observer GroupsDatabaseAllMultiple Observer Groups per Standard is now enabled2020-04-082020-04-08
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionDatabaseAllIKB Nederland Varkens version 11.0 + Supplement2020-04-202020-04-21
Configuration changesChanged SPRING to public StandardDatabaseWEBSustainable Program for Irrigation and Groundwater Use (SPRING) is now a public standard2020-04-202020-04-21
Configuration changesImprove performance of the bookmarking API serviceDatabaseAPIExecuting multiple threads simultaneously(Multi-threading) where multiple activities can proceed concurrently to improve the performance of the API.2020-04-202020-04-21
Configuration changesExtend QS-GAP current cycleDatabaseAllThis extends the current cycle by two months for all QS-GAP producers that currently have a valid cycle without a certification extension or in the next cycle. Certified/ Accepted next cycles will be deaccepted and replaced by the extended current cycle.2020-04-222020-04-23
Bug fixedCertificate extension: a de-accepted product can be part of an extensionDatabaseAllA de-accepted product is no longer a part of a certificate extension.2020-04-282020-05-28
Configuration changesMake "VAT" non-mandatory for CB registrationAudit OnlineWEBFor registration of CB's, VAT is no longer needed2020-05-132020-05-14
New FeatureGLOBALG.A.P. RemoteAudit OnlineAllIn the assessment details, you can now specify whether the audit was held remotely or not2020-05-072020-05-14
Configuration changesChanges on Excel Offline SolutionAudit OnlineWEBAdaptation of error messages; user-defined text can be specified for the PDF email-function; Improvement of the user experience; Fixed minor bugs; Changes to control points are automatically saved on the web interface2020-05-072020-05-14
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionAudit OnlineAllGLOBALG.A.P. IFA V5.3-GFS (EN)2020-05-082020-05-19
Bug fixedMandatory product attributeDatabaseAllThe rule for mandatory attributes at acceptance is now working.2020-05-152020-05-20
Configuration changeslastQueryResetRequest was editedDatabaseAPIThe "SOAP-Search" role from lastQueryResetRequest has been removed2020-05-152020-05-20
Bug fixedBilling runs - 0 EURDatabaseWEBWe have reduced the amount of entries that are displayed for 0 EUR billing runs at invoicing.2020-05-282020-05-28
Configuration changesAssessment conducted remotelyDatabaseAllThere is a new product attribute for assessment conducted remotely, valid for IFA Standards and selected benchmarked Standards2020-05-282020-05-28
Configuration changesNew Version of getBookmark: v3.0DatabaseAPIChanged loading mechanism for getBookmark request to reduce time per bookmark response. It is explicitly querying only those GGNs who have had a change since the last query date.2020-06-042020-06-04
New FeatureBookmarking a PG GGN and all its membersDatabaseAllIn the process of bookmarking a PG GGN, user can optionally bookmark all related member GGN by simply filling Include members field with an appropriate value.2020-06-042020-06-04
Bug fixedCertificate extension: Option 0DatabaseWEBA further extension was creating inconsistent data like displaying option 0 in the certificates, this has been now corrected2020-06-042020-06-04
New FeatureEnable auditor to be registered for multiple CB'sAudit OnlineWEBA user can switch between several CB's for which he works.2020-07-022020-07-13
Bug fixedBookmarking list managementDatabaseWEBA timeout in case of unsubscribing a list was fixed2020-07-21
Bug fixedBookmarking list managementDatabaseWEBUnsubscribed lists will now have the status deleted2020-07-21
Bug fixedgetBookmarkDatabaseAPIAvoidance of a null pointer exception for faster error diagnosis2020-07-21
Configuration changesNew Schemeversion GLOBALG.A.P. IFA version 5.4 GFSDatabaseAllNew Schemeversion GLOBALG.A.P. IFA version 5.4 GFS2020-07-21
Configuration changesQuantities for FSA 2.1 are voluntaryDatabaseAllHectares and percentage of total production volume are voluntary2020-07-21
New FeatureMultisite status on the online certificateDatabaseWEBOnline certificate now indicates multisite status and certification option2020-07-21
New FeatureBookmarkMultipleItemInsertDatabaseAPIEnable adding multiple GGN's to a bookmarking list2020-07-21
Configuration changesNew Schemeversion ChileG.A.P. Version 5.2DatabaseAllNew Schemeversion ChileG.A.P. Version 5.22020-08-24
Configuration changesNew Standard AH-DLL Add-onDatabaseAllWith a new Schemeversion AH-DLL GROW Add-on v3.02020-08-24
Configuration changesCB AutobookmarkingDatabaseWEBThe feature CB Autobookmarking has been reworked to display only relevant GGN to the CB.2020-08-24
Configuration changesTerms of use and Privacy PolicyDatabaseWEBUsers can now easily access The Terms of use and the Privacy Policy2020-08-24
Configuration changesChecklist upload for further StandardsDatabaseWEBChecklist upload is now available for: PSA V5; AHP v2; CFM v2.2; HPSS v1.1; CoC v5 and v6; SPRING v1.1; CfP v1.0; TR4 v1.0; GG FSA 2.1; GLOBALG.A.P. NON-GM/Ohne Gentechnik Add-on Version 1.0 ; PFA 3.0 and 5.02020-08-24
Configuration changesNew Subscope: SeaweedDatabaseAllWe have added a new subscope to the new Schemeversion IFA v5.4 GFS2020-08-24
Configuration changesNew Online trainingsDatabaseWEBNew Online Trainings (OLT) are now linked to the corresponding schemeversion (SPRING, AH-DLL GROW Add-on and IKB Nederland Varkens Version 11.0 + supplement.2020-09-09
Configuration changesNew GRASP schemeversionDatabaseWEBNew Schemeversion GRASP v1.3-1-i_July202020-09-09
Configuration changesNew Schemeversion for Primary Farm Assurance (PFA)DatabaseWEBNew Schemeversion: Primary Farm Assurance Entry Level version 5.02020-09-09
Configuration changesStatus tranfer for QMS- OLTDatabaseWEBTransfer of status of Scheme Requirement - QMS and OLT2020-09-09
New Feature"CHANGED"-flag in BookmarkingDatabaseAPIWe have enabled "CHANGED"-flag in Bookmarking via SOAP for "certificateValidTo" for PG Members2020-09-09
Configuration changes"last assessment date" for FSA 2.1DatabaseAllNew Product Attribute "last assessment date" for FSA 2.12020-09-09
Configuration changesCustomer upload email's subject lineDatabaseAllChanged the customer upload email's subject lines to match with the status of the upload2020-09-09
Configuration changesNew Online trainingsDatabaseWEBA new Online Trainings (OLT) is now linked to AH-DLL GROW Add-on2020-09-17
Configuration changesNew Schemeversion PHA 1.2DatabaseAllNew Schemeversion for Produce Handling Assurance PHA 1.22020-09-17
Configuration changesNew sub-scopes to PHA 1.1DatabaseAllCombinable crops and Hops products are now added to PHA 1.12020-09-17
Bug fixedSOAP getBookmarkRequest: invalid PGDatabaseAPISOAP getBookmarkRequest: the invalid PG GGN will does not ge returned to members anymore.2020-09-17
Bug fixedTransfer of historical attribute valueDatabaseAllThe transfers of historical attribute value to the actual attribute value for those attributes affected are now correct2020-09-17
Bug fixedProblem address in Map for audit locationAudit OnlineWEBNow it's possible to select the pin on the map after searching the address2020-09-302020-09-30
Bug fixedMaximum file upload sizeAudit OnlineWEBFile attachements larger than 3 Mb couldn't be uploaded via API.2020-09-302020-09-30
Configuration changesProduct Attributes for AH-DLL Add-onDatabaseALLThen new product attributes for AH-DLL Add-on are now configurated for the Producer Upload use case in the web and the SOAP API2020-09-30
Configuration changesGRASP Version 1.3-1-iDatabaseWEBThere have been adjustments to the new GRASP Version 1.3-1-I2020-09-30
Bug fixedAttribute "assessment_conducted_remotely"DatabaseAPIValues associated with assessment_conducted_remotely Attribute are now consistant
Configuration changesDetach the API part from the web serviceDatabaseALLInfrastructure measures to detach the API part from the web service part to improve the API performance2020-09-30
Bug fixedInternal issuesDatabaseALLData access issues with public standards are no longer there.2020-10-07
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionDatabaseALLNew Schemeversion for: Fair Produce version 2020-03, HPSS 1.2v,2020-10-07
Configuration changesNew StandardDatabaseALLNew Standards: localg.a.p. Impact-Driven Approach to Sustainability Module, GLOBALG.A.P. Impact-Driven Approach to Sustainability Add-on.2020-10-07
Configuration changesAttribute "assessment_conducted_remotely"DatabaseALLRemote attribute now available for MPS-GAP, IKB Nederland Varkens and KFC2020-10-07
Configuration changesAcceptance modificationDatabaseALLAfter acceptance modifications the value DoAMP gets updated correctly2020-10-07
New FeatureInternal AssessmentsAudit OnlineALLNew major feature to enable internal assessments/inspections to be uploaded by the Producer/Group.2020-10-082021-01-14
Configuration changesIFA V5.3-GFS ESAudit OnlineALLSpanish translation of IFA V5.3-GFS is now available2020-10-132020-10-13
New FeatureTransfer entire audit result at onceAudit OnlineAPIExtended functionality for uploading multiple control points within a single request2020-10-192021-01-11
Bug fixedProducer Type / Option recognitionAudit OnlineALLIn case data from GLOBALG.A.P. database is missing it no longer sets Option 1 by default, but allows user to change option2020-10-222021-01-11
Configuration changesRe-name title to "GLOBALG.A.P. Audit Online Hub"Audit OnlineWEBPage titles, automatic e-mails and excel offline solution was changed2020-10-222020-11-10
Configuration changesNew StandardAudit OnlineALLNew Standard: PHA V1.22020-10-142021-01-14
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionDatabaseALLNew Schemeversion for: NON-GM/Ohne Gentechnik Add-on V1.1 and Crops for Processing version 1.12020-10-26
Configuration changeschanging of Multisite informationDatabaseALLEnable changing of multisite information after acceptance2020-10-26
Bug fixedAssessment Types missingAudit OnlineWEBThe list of Assessment types did not show up, but is available now again2020-11-06
Bug fixedErrors if a new quantity column was createdDatabaseWEBErrors at Manage products no longer exists afte the creation of a new Quantity column.2020-11-13
Bug fixedNo convert for multisite from next to current cycleDatabaseWEBThe Cycle agent can now convert multisite correctly2020-11-13
Bug fixedProducer upload: mode 2DatabaseWEBPpdate of the columns phone responsible and fax responsible is working as expected2020-11-13
Bug fixedSPRING moduleDatabaseWEBError loading mint crop (herbs) is no longer there2020-11-13
Configuration changesSustainable Meat Initiative for Dutch CBLDatabaseWEBThe Quantity field has been renamed to "Meat livestock annual quantity in t"2020-11-13
Configuration changesCBL Chain of CustodyDatabaseALLAdded new product attributes "Sourced from" to CBL Chain of Custody2020-11-13
Configuration changesGLOBALG.A.P. IFA and Benchmarked StandardDatabaseALLNew version 5.2 has been added2020-11-13
Configuration changesHPSSDatabaseALLAdd subscope Combinable Crops to HPSS 1.22020-11-13
New FeatureAutobookmarkingDatabaseALLEnabled Autobookmarking for Producer Group2020-11-13
New FeatureGRASP v1.3-1-IDatabaseWEBNew icons an tables have been added in the PDF for GRASP v1.3-1-I2020-11-13
New FeatureCB SOAP APIDatabaseAPIIncluded valid_from in CB SOAP API2020-11-13
Configuration changesAH-DLL standardDatabaseALLRework Product attributes for the AH-DLL standard to align the standard specifications2020-11-19
Configuration changesBOPP Grower StandardDatabaseALLNew Schemeversion: BOPP Grower Standard Version 4 + Supplement2020-11-19
Configuration changesGFSI - OLT'sDatabaseWEBGFSI KE Implementation - SLA: OLT are not longer displayed at Scheme requierement.2020-11-19
Configuration changesNew StandardAudit OnlineALLNew Standard: IFA V5.4-GFS2020-11-112020-11-25
Configuration changesIFA V5.2 PTAudit OnlineALLPortuguese translation of IFA V5.2 is now available2020-11-202020-11-25
Bug fixedAudit team members showing up twiceAudit OnlineWEBOnce name got entered it showed up twice in the (PDF) report, which isn't the case anymore.2020-11-202020-11-26
Configuration changesNew StandardAudit OnlineALLNew Standard: NM V11.22020-11-102021-01-14
Configuration changesNew StandardAudit OnlineALLNew Standard: HPSS V1.22020-12-042020-12-09
Bug fixedDropdown box for next cacleDatabaseWEBAt acceptance the behavior of the dropdown box for next cycle has been corrected2020-12-10
Bug fixedAttributes with wrong values in the mouseover windowDatabaseWEBAt manage products the attributes in the mouseover window shows correct values now.2020-12-10
Bug fixedChange of multisite is not workingDatabaseWEBThe bug at manage products for changing multisite is now fixed.2020-12-10
Configuration changesNew SchemeversionDatabaseALLGLOBALG.A.P. CoC V6.0 through BRC and IFS are now available2020-12-10
Configuration changesNew StandardDatabaseALLSustainable Rice Platform (SRP) is now available2020-12-10
Configuration changesIFA 5.4 -OLTDatabaseWEBOnline training for IFA 5.4 Update AQ & FV (English) is now available2020-12-10
New FeatureCertificationValidToDatabaseAPIChanged the tag certificationValidTo to optional in the SOAP2020-12-10
Bug fixedChanging attributes valuesDatabaseWEBWhen changing attributes values in the web interface, the control page showed all the attributes in it, eventhough those were not changed, this is not happening any more.2020-12-21
Bug fixedeCertificate with no the addressDatabaseALLThe address was not shown if the certificate was in a extension, this is now fixed.2020-12-21
Bug fixedProduct upload: action 8 produce an internal errorDatabaseALLChanging quantities via product upload action 8 delivered an error. This has been fixed.2020-12-21
Configuration changesNew Standard ADG.A.P.DatabaseALLNew Schemestandard ADG.A.P.2020-12-21
Configuration changesEdible Radish SeedsDatabaseALLThe product Daikon Radish Seed is now included in Combinable Crops for PHA v1.2 or HPSS 1.2.2020-12-21
Configuration changesSRP standardsDatabaseALLSRP version 2.0 has been renamed to "SRP Producer Group" and added a duplicate with the name "SRP Individual Producer"2020-12-21
Configuration changesFreshcare PLUS Edition 1DatabaseALLThis is a new standard benschmarkable to IFA 5.22020-12-21
Configuration changes OLT GRASP v1.3-1-iDatabaseALLWe changed the status and grace period for the new GRASP version to 31.03.2021.2020-12-21
New FeatureProduct attribute in product historyDatabaseAPITo display old (previous value) and new value (current value) of an attribute change in a quick glance2020-12-21
Configuration changesOLT IFA 5.4DatabaseALLThere is a new OLT for the scheme version IFA 5.4 GFS2021-01-07
Configuration changesQS-GAP 2021DatabaseALLThis is the new scheme version for the QS-GAP Standard2021-01-07
Bug FixedProduct historyDatabaseWEBThe product history in the web interface now shows correct information when changing a product attribute value.2021-01-07
Configuration changes"Name2/First Name" in SOAPDatabaseAPIThe getBookmarkrequest now delivers the names information2021-01-07
Configuration changesIFA 5.2 DE, NL, JA, IT, ZH, SQAudit OnlineALLGerman, dutch, japanese, italian, chinese and albanian translations of IFA V5.2 are now available2020-12-092021-01-11
Configuration changesIFA 5.2 VNAudit OnlineALLVietnamese translation of IFA V5.2 is now available2020-12-142021-01-12
Bug FixedJustification falsely required in APIAudit OnlineAPIIt was falsely required to enter Justification/Comment if control point was answered with "Yes". This is fixed now.2020-12-102021-01-13
Configuration changesIFA V5.2 AR, HU, FRAudit OnlineALLArabic, hungarian and french translations of IFA V5.2 are now available2021-01-142021-01-14
Configuration changesChange audit report data in status "Closed"Audit OnlineALLChanging data of audit reports in status "Closed" is no longer possible.2020-12-172021-01-14
Bug FixedAssessor Team and Key Persons not being saved via APIAudit OnlineAPISaving Assessor Team and Key Person via API is possible again2020-12-232021-01-15
New FeatureExtended PO attributeAudit OnlineALLNew functionality to allow more detailed data entry for PP/PO product information.2021-01-15
Bug FixedControl page errorDatabaseWEBthe error at the control page of Manage products after saving the changes has been fixed2021-01-14
Bug FixedGASP Overall assessmentDatabaseAPIGASP Overall assessment was not showing if the certificate was in an extention, this has been corrected.2021-01-14
Bug FixedScheme requirementsDatabaseWEBDownloading an scheme requirements CSV file does not contain incorrect dates anymore.2021-01-28
Configuration changesOLT for GROWDatabaseWEBThe grace period for the OLT for GROW is now correctly assigned.2021-01-28
Configuration changesNew Standard: GLOBALG.A.P. PIA Add-on for SMIDatabaseALLThe GLOBALG.A.P. PIA Add-on for SMI has been added in the Database and will be available from July 2021.2021-01-28
Configuration changesGLOBALG.A.P. NON-GM/Ohne Gentechnik Add-on V 1.1 - Opt. 2 QMS face-to-face TrainingDatabaseWEBThe requirement for Opt. 2 QMS face-to-face Training has been removed from all users assigned to GLOBALG.A.P. NON-GM/Ohne Gentechnik Add-on V 1.12021-01-28
Bug FixedGRASP PDF CertificateDatabaseWEBThe column "Remote Assessment" now displays the correct title.2021-02-04
Configuration changesSOAP getBookmark responseDatabaseAPIThe records for "DELETED" entries in the getBookmark response have been removed to reduce data load and improve performance.2021-02-04
Configuration changesHarmonize Geo Coordinate formatDatabaseALLThe Geo coordinates format on the web, upload and SOAP interface has been harmonized2021-02-05
Configuration changesImprove the producer upload sheetDatabaseWEBThe user-friendliness of the product upload sheet has been improved2021-02-05
Configuration changesAttribute "assessment_conducted_remotely"DatabaseALLThe remote attribute now available for Sustainable Meat Initiative for Dutch CBL V1.0 Modules 1,2 and 3 and CBL Chain of Custody version 32021-02-11
Configuration changesIFA 5.2 SW, KAAudit OnlineALLSwahili and georgian translations of IFA V5.2 are now available2021-02-162021-02-19
Configuration changesSPRING new wording for Certificate statusDatabaseALLThe former product status for SPRING has been changed from "certified" to "assessed"2021-02-25
Configuration changesNew OLT: PHA 1.2DatabaseALLA new Online Training has been linked to PHA v1.22021-02-26
Configuration changesNew OLT: AH-DLL GROW 3.0 (NL)DatabaseALLA new Online Training in Dutch has been linked to AH-DLL GROW v3.02021-02-26