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Manage all farm activities and products in one place, achieve higher profitability while maintaining Food Safety standards FarmManager English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese & Dutch manager.farm Yifat Sadot Yifat@manager.farm
AKOLogic – All crop data in one click AKOLogic Solutions ltd English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Serbian akologic.info Ron Shani ron@akol.co.il
GQ-data Fresh Info bv: Operating under name of GreenlinQdata German, Dutch & Belgian greenlinqdata.nl Gerard Flinterman info@greenlinqdata.nl
Maatwerk – registration and advice module Telermaat B.V Dutch telermaat.nl Corstian Prosman info@telermaat.nl
GMN Crop Agrifirm NWE Dutch www.gmncrop.nl Frank van den Hoek f.vandenhoek@agrifirm.com