Last Name First Name Title Function Country Status
Moeller Kristian President Chief Executive Officer Germany Employed
Fekete Andras Vice President Chief Integrity Officer Hungary Employed
Philipp Markus Executive Vice President Chief Operations Officer Germany Employed
Antequera Ignacio Senior Manager Team Leader Technical Key Accounts Spain Employed
Coetzer-Boersma Elmé Vice President Chief Standards Officer South Africa Freelance
Hages-Coco Birgit - Office Management Germany Employed
Moeller Iris Expert Travel Management Germany Employed
Stollenwerk Michaela Manager Team Leader Marketing & Public Relations Germany Employed
Becker Nani - Integrity Program Management Germany Employed
Kafzyk Anne Manager CB Compliance and Quality Assurance Germany Employed
Radoslavov Valentin Junior Manager Certification Body Compliance & Integrity Germany Employed
Petrov Kliment Expert Integrity Assessments & Training Bulgaria Freelance
Terheggen Ute Senior Expert Team Leader CB Administration & Benchmarking Germany Employed
Stamatis Vassilis Expert Integrity Assessments & Training Greece Freelance
Gremminger Heidi Senior Expert Team Leader Integrity Uruguay Freelance
Weymann Valeska Senior Expert Technical Key Account Aquaculture Germany Employed
Zhou Xin Manager China Representative China Freelance
Jahn Gabriele Senior Manager Management Systems Germany Employed
Britt Anita -- Committees & GRASP Germany Employed
Rauber Heike Anna Manager Strategic Human Resources Manager Germany Employed
Venter Christi Expert Product Development South Africa Freelance
Denis Alexandra GRASP Product Manager GRASP Germany Employed
Baumgarten Jochen Vice President Chief Technology Officer Germany Employed
Beyme, von Ami Manager Membership Management Germany Employed
Kellermann Lukas Junior Manager Team Leader IT Capability Building Germany Employed
Wutscherk Lina Expert Team Leader Customer Support Germany Employed
Anguilet Lena - Project Department Germany Employed
Muellender Britta Manager Capacity Building Manager Germany Employed
Bock Claudia Expert Benchmarking Germany Employed
Fabiszisky Daniela - Assistant to the COO & Team Leader Office Management Germany Employed
Hausen Lisa Manager Certification Body Workshop Germany Employed
Schmidt Tanja Senior Expert Certification Body Training Germany Employed
Kretschmer Nina Manager Event Management Germany Employed
Fintel, von Sarah - GGN Label Floriculture Commercial Manager Germany Employed
Meifert Claudia Manager Team Leader PR & Social Media Department Germany Employed
Moellecken Eva - Controlling Support/Adminsitration Germany Employed
Heinemann Lisa Manager Partnerships Germany Employed
Jansen Leonard Junior Manager IT Services Germany Employed
Sievers Almut - Public Relations Germany Employed
Herb Simone Manager Translations & Document Quality Germany Employed
Goebel Jennifer - Front Office Germany Employed
Herz Farah Junior Expert Customer Support Germany Employed
Anderson Executive Vice President GLOBALG.A.P. North America Market & Business Development USA Employed
Voss Anneke - Team Leader Capacity Building Germany Employed
Anderson Rebecca - Technical Key Account Manager USA Employed
Spence Raina - Director of Producer Solutions USA Employed
Quiros Nolan Expert GRASP Costa Rica Freelance
Quinn Rosemary - Manager of Operations and Communications GLOBALG.A.P. North America USA Employed
Kimourtzakis Georgios - Complaints Management Officer Greece Freelance
Bonten Marc - IT Capability Building Germany Employed
Eckschlager Karina Expert Integrity Assessments Spain Freelance
Abrami Oshin -- Data Mining & Statistics Germany Employed
Schmidt Regine -- Travel Management Germany Employed
Mandrah Jitendra -- Key Account Manager India India Freelance
Rattanametta Napaporn -- Technical Key Account Manager Thailand Thailand Freelance
Villegas Marco -- Key Account Manager Mexico Mexico Freelance
Berriel Paula -- Sales & Key Account Management Assistant Germany Employed
Pistagnesi Alejandra -- Technical Key Account Manager Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay Argentina Freelance
Ferrer Leonardo -- Technical Key Account Manager Colombia and Panama Colombia Freelance
Lazo Angelo -- Technical Key Account Manager Latin America Peru Freelance
Horsbrugh Ben -- Team Leader Key Account & Membership Management Belgium Employed
Strazdina Edite -- Technical Key Account Manager Central Asia, Latvia and Russia Latvia Freelance
Salgado Müller Diego -- Technical Key Account Manager Livestock Spain Freelance
Wahome Mahinda -- Technical Key Account Manager Kenya Kenya Freelance
Pazachev Valentin -- Integrity Support Germany Employed
Vetter Christian Junior Expert Customer Support Germany Employed
Anh Pham Viet -- Technical Key Account Manager Vietnam Vietnam Freelance
Göycali Selcuk -- Controlling Germany Employed
Ledesma Jorge -- IT Capability Building Germany Employed
Berardo Federica -- Consumer Brand Manager / Team Leader GGN Label Germany Employed
Monteverde Margarida -- Integrity Assessments Portugal Freelance
Petersen Lisa-Marit Manager Translations & Document Quality Germany Employed
Oosterveld Remko -- GGN Label Aquaculture Commercial Manager Germany Employed
Mbuvi Jennifer -- Key Account Manager Kenya Kenya Freelance
Gabriel Juan -- Key Account Manager Central America Guatemala Freelance
McCormack Shea -- IT Helpdesk Germany Employed
Dinç Derya -- Translations & Document Quality Support Germany Employed
Oblitas Daniel -- Integrity Assessments Peru Freelance
Alfaro Pamela -- Training Expert Germany Employed
Benninger-Kruck Kim -- Marketing / Publications & Graphic Design Germany Employed
Katsuhisa Takesue -- Technical Key Account Manager Japan Japan Freelance
Voßkämper Kai -- Communication Manager Germany Employed
Hrabovska Olha -- Customer Support Ukraine Freelance
Gomes Caronho Tatiana -- GGN Student F&O Germany Employed
Thauer Pia -- Standards and Data Quality Liaison Coordinator Germany Employed
Moreland Harry -- IT Helpdesk Germany Employed
Isaza Juan Carlos -- Technical Expert Floriculture Germany Employed
Foster Robin Rose -- Key Account Manager North America USA Employed
Lam David -- Event Manager Germany Employed
Licea Sarai -- Online Marketing Germany Employed
Perera Nadun -- IT Services Germany Employed
Tolonen Otso -- IT Services|Fax Project Coordinator Germany Employed
Soe Win Pa Pa -- Sales and Marketing Myanmar Freelance
Wright Angus -- Dynamics and IT Services Germany Employed
Frings Sara -- CB Administration & Benchmarking Germany Employed
Luo Tiantian -- Event & Marketing Support Germany Employed
Rybka Joseph -- CB Administration & Benchmarking Germany Employed
Fischer Livia -- Stakeholder Liaison Coordinator Germany Employed
Bresler Kim -- Translations & Document Quality Support Germany Employed
Durgutovic Eldin -- IT Capability Building Germany Employed
Maric Leon -- IT Capability Building Germany Employed
Koehler Petra -- Sales and Marketing Germany Employed
Landgrebe Nisha Manager Translations & Document Quality Germany Employed
Molina Maria - Training Coordinator Germany Employed
Fischer Leonie - Public Relations & Social Media Germany Employed
Vente Peerapond - Assistant to the CEO Germany Employed
van-der-Ven Gerard - Integrity Netherlands Freelance
Pedder Penelope - Copywriter/Conceptioner Germany Employed
Daddio Michael - Dynamics and IT Services Germany Employed
Klier Jule - Marketing / Publications & Graphic Design Germany Employed
Graessler Jenifer - Student Assistant Membership Germany Employed
Marani Ilaria - Farm Assurer Program Coordinator Germany Employed
El-Ouariachi Khadija - GGN Label Aquaculture Administration Manager Germany Employed
Moneke Jana - Administrative Assistant Germany Employed
Finn Lievenbrueck - Student Assistant Germany Employed
Patanao Stephanie - Student Capacity Building Germany Employed
Livia Hainarosie - Customer Support Germany Employed
Rene Capote - Senior Technical Expert Germany Employed
Helen Prosdocini - Technical Key Account Manager Brazil Brazil Freelance
Pu Wei - Technical Key Account Manager China China Freelance
Georgia Tsolaki - Certification Body Training Developer Greece Freelance
Lydia Stratton - GGN Label business and brand development consultant United Kingdom Freelance
Ciara Chambers - Customer Support Germany Employed
Cornelia Wenhold - Technical Senior Expert Germany Employed