Name Tropical Nordeste SA. Brasil
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Country Brazil


Tropical Nordeste is a production project establish on the northeast of Brazil in the state of Ceara, one of the poorest and most undeveloped regions of the country with very little opportunities for the local residents. The region is characterized as semi-arid with very light annual rainfalls, which limits the production possibilities for the local growers due to the lack of water. Tropical Nordeste offers stable jobs to more than 300 employees with free-of-charge transport from and to home with in transit time also paid. In addition, the farm offers food service for lunch during workdays free-of-charge. Medical services with a doctor and nurse on the farm also free-of-charge. And of course all the social and labor rights are fully guaranteed.

Our employees are 100 percent unionized since the very beginning of the farm operations and we never have had a strike or any other case of labor disagreement with the workers or the union. We have workers at the farm working with us since the very beginning of the operation.

We are one of the most productive banana farms in the world with productivity that reached 3,800-4,000 boxes, 18.14 kg per hectare with the highest quality standard for both local and external markets.



The farm is 100 percent irrigated with a very well developed irrigation system that ensures low water usage in corporation with similar operations. In addition, we have developed a water reuse method from the fruit packing process to ensure zero environmental impact and high water and energy efficiency usage. All the water coming after the packing process is naturally cleaned thought an oxidation process in a lagoon and now will be reused to grow other vegetables free of pesticides in a green house.

As part of our environmental responsibility, we have a natural reserve of 145 hectare that has been legally declared as a reserve and sanctuary for the wildlife. Moreover, our production is done with the minimal pesticides or chemical usages. This farm manages to grow bananas for exportation with less than 4 cycles of fungicides (both on the ground or aerial) to control sigatoka, which is exceptional in comparison with 30/40/50 cycles done in other countries. No chemicals for nematodes control or insecticides are used to control pest of any kind.

We have a strong social responsibility program supporting mainly a high school for young persons coming from areas of high social risk, which offers high school education and technical formation in agriculture. Several of our own field supervision staff have graduated from this high school and we offer a well-remunerated and stable job. We have also supported students to get a university education in agriculture at an international college outside of the country. Also our social responsibility program supports a school for persons with special needs, such as downs syndrome and a home for retired persons coming from social risk areas.

Our policy of equal opportunities includes huge efforts to hire persons with physical disabilities in several areas of the operations, including supervision and administration. We do also huge efforts to offer equal opportunities for women in all the possible areas of the operation with a very significant percentage being women. We have a very strong training program not only in the areas related to agricultural production but also on daily social issues such as drug and alcohol dependency, personal health, human relationships and more.