The GGN label is expanding to include fruit and vegetables alongside the current aquaculture and floriculture products. The expansion offers the perfect opportunity to give the classic label a new look. Join the free unveiling event (online) to see the new GGN label and discover all! 

About the GGN label

The GGN label is GLOBALG.A.P.’s consumer label. It stands for certified, responsible farming and transparency. Available for both packed and loose products, the GGN label exists to offer consumers consistent, relevant assurance and orientation throughout the store. 

Launched in 2016 for aquaculture products, and with floriculture products following in 2017, the GGN label turns five this year. What better opportunity to make the announcement that the GGN label is coming to the fruit and vegetables sector too …with a brand-new look!   

Coming soon to the fruit and vegetable aisle

We know that fruit and vegetables are key staples in consumers’ grocery baskets, and we want to give consumers the option to make responsible choices in the most important fresh-farmed product categories.  

From April 2021, the GGN label will therefore be available for these products as well.

Redesigned label for all products

Consumers have one shopping list and are looking for consistent orientation across different product categories in their daily grocery shopping trips. To make sure that the GGN label is instantly and intuitively recognizable, it is moving from scope-specific labels to one uniform label for all categories.

Whether you’re new to the GGN label or a long-time participant in the initiative, you won’t want to miss the virtual unveiling event hosted by GLOBALG.A.P. experts!

The new GGN label unveiling event

Join our online event on 27 April 2021 to find out all you need to know about the new GGN label. Register here.  

The event is available in two sessions: 

  • Session 1: 10 a.m. –11 a.m. CEST (in English)  

  • Session 2: 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. CEST (in Spanish) 

Kristian Moeller (Managing Director GLOBALG.A.P.) joins Federica Berardo (Director Marketing Operations GLOBALG.A.P.) to unveil the label’s new look and answer your questions. More speaker details to follow.  

Participation is open to all interested parties and free of charge.