Recognising the importance of food safety and traceability, sustainable farming and natural resource management as well as worker safety, Frigoken Ltd. made a concerted effort to attain GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

Frigoken Ltd. (FKL) is one of the largest export-oriented vegetable processors in East Africa. Through its inclusive business model, the company engages thousands of small-scale farmers in its supply chain, largely to supply green beans. 

In an effort to address the challenges that small scale farmers often experience, FKL ensures all farmers are provided a guaranteed market for their produce at a pre-set price. The company directly engages individual farmers through a contractual agreement valid for each crop cycle. The farmers are organized into management groups at a village level, which are referred to as ‘ collection centers’. At these centers, farmers are provided with inputs, on a credit interest-free basis, and produce is delivered, sorted and graded in front of the farmer. All inputs are stored according to given regulations.

To promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), the company invests significantly in availing extension services. Qualified field staff, recruited from the local communities, are trained on GAP and spread the knowledge and skills to farmers, at no cost, through trainings, regular field visits and practical demonstration plots. This ensures that GLOBALG.A.P. Standard requirements are met.

Critical operations such as spraying and providing crop protection products are carried out by the company. In addition, FKL has over the years developed a robust internal control system and a quality management system, which ensures that all centres are operating at the same level.

When Frigoken undertook its first GLOBALG.A.P. certification in 2014, over 7,600 green bean small scale farmers were certified. In the span of only one year, the company has more than doubled the number of certified farmers to over 15,900.

These farmers are certified against GLOBALG.A.P. Standard Option II. Some of the requirements are met at group level while others are audited at farm level.

This certification has made both staff and farmers aware of Good Agricultural Practices as well as Environmental and Health & Safety management issues. As a result, efficiencies and quality of produce have improved and yield has increased, resulting in higher incomes for the farmers. Furthermore, great efforts are made to protect the environment. 

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