The Asia Productivity Organization, APO, held a six-day training for agricultural leaders and officials in Lahore, Pakistan, from 5 to 10 December 2016. It was defined as a Training of Trainers on the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard for greater market access. 21 trainees from eleven countries (Pakistan, Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and  Vietnam) participated in the course.

Three resource experts, Mr. Kit Chan, Mr. Pathom Taenkam, and Mr. Isidor Yu, trained the participants on various subjects of good agricultural practices (GAP) policy, GLOBALG.A.P. Standards and Regulations, and each country’s status of development for GAP. Isidor is a Farm Assurer and he presented GLOBALG.A.P.’s implementation systems and CPCC for both crops and aquaculture. A number of discussions and presentations were held and led to active participation by all involved. Some of the issues that were particularly addressed included localg.a.p. and the National Technical Working Group, as well as ways of reducing differences between national GAPs and GLOBALG.A.P.

APO is a non-profit organization supported by 20 governments in the Asia Pacific region and is headquartered in Tokyo. It undertakes extensive activities for sustainable industries including agriculture. Many thanks go to Mr. Muhammad Saeed and Ms. Rabia Jamil for organizing and hosting this successful training event.

Photo credits: Lun Vanny, Cambodia