GLOBALG.A.P. Proudly Presents the Winner of the Photo Contest 2016 “GLOBALG.A.P. Around the World”:

 The lucky winner of the contest was announced in a live draw from all valid submissions in Cologne, Germany on 15 August 2016. And Richfield Miho was awarded the prize to attend the SUMMIT 2016 in Amsterdam together with 400 delegates from around the world and to enjoy discussions on the latest developments in food safety and sustainability as well as Good Agriculture and Aquaculture Practices and the future of the industry.

On 27 September, GLOBALG.A.P. welcomed winner Nilantha Dissanayake (Tomita Technologies Ltd.), cultivation advisor and G.A.P. Internal Auditor on location in Amsterdam (see photo).

 “We at GLOBALG.A.P. really loved all of the beautiful photos that were sent in”, said Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P. “They show us a global and multi-coloured picture of all those farmers, workers and others involved around the world. People working on farms are the driving force behind our daily efforts to bring safe food to the people. And they are the faces behind the GGN, and bring the numbers to life. All GGNs and photos will now be marked on our ‘ GLOBALG.A.P. Around the World' world map and shown here at the SUMMIT in Amsterdam.”

Facing the challenges of modern agribusiness as well as the needs of highly demanding Japanese consumers, Richfield Miho started its business in 2013. It is the largest plant factory in Japan that uses solar energy, and is located in Tsuchiura, Miho Village, Ibaraki (90 km northeast of Tokyo).

In the impressive 2 ha glasshouse facilities, the Richfield Miho farm cultivates high quality sweet peppers (red, yellow, orange). Compared to the mostly small-scale producers in Japan, this is a production site of enormous size. It operates with modern technology and advanced equipment of the highest standard from the Netherlands. This well elaborated concept of modern and successful glasshouse production delivers 450 t/year and ensures the best results in pepper production that Japan currently has to offer. The products are sold mainly to Japanese customers in the food service sector, such as supermarket chains and hotels.

Richfield Miho was honored for the best annual production of sweet pepper in Japan. It obtained the GLOBALG.A.P. certification to ensure a high level of food safety.

Richfield Miho is a joint venture established by building contractor Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd. and Richfield, an agricultural corporation specialized in the production and sale of fresh vegetables.

GGN: 4052852706568