Marco Giotto is a chemical engineer, specialized in food technology. He joined GLOBALG.A.P. in 2015 and is happy to work in a non-profit company that actively promotes sustainable and safe agriculture. In his eyes the biggest challenge is the large-scale introduction of these concepts to Brazil, a country of continental dimensions, with an immense social, economic and climatic diversity. He is responsible for spreading GAP concepts among the country’s different sectors, training consultant technicians and supporting new certified projects that serve as models.

He has worked in the food sector for more than 30 years and started his career working on a winery in southern Brazil. He joined White Martins, a Praxair Group company, which is a global leader in industrial gases, where he worked for 12 years in different functions and areas - always with a focus on food and beverages. This phase of his working life was very important in building a strong network as he developed projects that affected hundreds of producers and food processors in Latin America, USA and Europe.

Marco Giotto then left White Martins to start his own fresh cut vegetables company, Rio de Una, specialized in organic products. Rio de Una was the first and largest organic vegetables processor in South America. He projected and structured the company, and was CEO until 2010, when he sold the company. During this period he aggregated a wide network of supermarkets and food service sector stakeholders

Since then he has worked as an agribusiness consultant in supply chain integration projects, especially structuring agricultural production bases with a focus on small producers and sustainable crops.

Marco Giotto recently completed his MBA in sustainability development, and intensively coordinates and participates in different sector discussion forums across the country, actively promoting food safety and quality assurance in agribusiness.

He has promoted sustainable agriculture to the largest consumer chains and the government ministries of Brazil, seeking the implementation of policies that emphasize natural products and quality certification.

He is married to Vanessa and has two children, Helena 10 and Vinicius 8. They share a passion for horses and country life. Whenever possible, they dedicate their time to the family farm where they have horses, dairy cows and organic berry production.