Ferma Stoian, started as a family business, was established in 1992 by the Stoian family and began growing cabbage on an area of 7 hectares. At that time, Stoian family members worked on the farm together with only three employees and equipment rented from SMA (Department of Agricultural Machinery).

In 1995, due to the high quality of their crops, the family increased the vegetable cultivated land area to around 45 acres. Ferma Stoian bought two tractors and began developing its agricultural base; today it owns more than 20 tractors.

In 1999, Ferma Stoian worked an area of 150 hectares of land. This grew to approx. 400 hectares by 2005, and 470 acres with Romanian vegetables by 2010. Last year, the farm grew vegetables on an area of approx. 650 acres, including land cultivated with cereals for crop rotation.

In their efforts to meet market requirements and expand their business, the family founded Big Land Company in 2002, which is now a member of the group Ferma Stoian. This gave the added advantage of being able to purchase advanced equipment from abroad. In 2005 they expanded their facilities by building their first refrigerated warehouse.

GLOBALG.A.P. Certification was part of the development program, representing a great partnership to implement good agricultural practices and produce safe and quality food.

Cristina Văsii, Management Consultant at Big Land Company S.R.L explains,“70 percent of merchandise produced by Ferma Stoian is exported to retailers around the world and 30 percent goes to various wholesalers, supplying vegetables to the major retailer networks. In our opinion, GLOBALG.A.P. represents best practices in agricultural food safety and plays an important role in our business development and expansion.”

Two of the company’s major clients are Carrefour Romania and Cora Romania.

Learn more at www.ferma-stoian.ro.

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