Since May, GLOBALG.A.P.'s technical experts have collected feedback comments from nearly 600 participants of approximately 60 online meetings in 10 languages. Based on these results, the technical committees are now meeting to prepare the second draft for public consultation. 

With its publication in October, the next round of online meetings will be launched: We invite stakeholders and partners around the world to discuss their comments and suggestions with us once more. You can find all available sessions on our website.

In the meantime, we are already offering further online meetings in August to discuss the topics of a Data Driven Approach and Group Certification. These targeted discussions will consider the complexity and scope of the standard and generate specific input. The Data Driven Approach provides a tool to monitor and evaluate the impact of standards and to improve decision-making by growers. In the respective online events, we will discuss the purpose as well as the guiding principles in order to shape our approach in line with its users.  

We invite you to take part in developing version 6. Please comment on the documents available for public consultation and/or join the online meetings to interact directly. 

Creating the most reviewed standard for Good Agricultural Practice remains our goal – and we can’t do it without you.

Check our website for available opportunities and register today. Seats are limited.