Name Yukiyo Komatsu Company Aeon Co., Ltd.
Job Title CEO Research Institute Country Japan
Team Retailer

Advisory Board Term:​ 2019 - 2023


CEO, Aeon Research Institute for Quality Living Co., Ltd. and the Head of Quality Control, Aeon Co., Ltd.

Membership Category

Retailer/ Food Service

Yukiyo's Statement

As a retailer, GLOBALG.A.P. has been an important tool to ensure the food safety, environmental and social issues for our agricultural products. Now Aeon has committed to acquire GFSI equivalent standard certificates for our private brand products. GLOBALG.A.P. takes a huge role especially for our fruit and vegetable to achieve our goal. I would like to contribute the expansion of GLOBALG.A.P. in Japan and other Asian countries and region.
We have launched GGN project as 2nd retailer for our fruit and vegetable products. I think this is important to ensure traceability and connect customers with our producers who has implemented good practices through ICT. I would also like to support establishing the appropriate communication scheme for both producers and consumers.
There are newly specified risks in many different areas. I also would like to contribute to the continuous improvements of GLOBALG.A.P. to ensure what Asian customers expect by finding feasible solutions with Asian producers.

Professional & Educational Background

I have a physiological degree from the Osaka City University. My major was biological psychology that takes an empirical approach to study the brain and human behaviour.
Based on my educational background, I have started my careers in the field of customer service and acted for consumers’ concerns. Through the many experiences to tackle the food safety issues for our customers, I have always sought for the science based evidence to find the root cause and prevent the repetition of the accidents. This attitude has been reinforced since I became the head of quality control. As a retailer, I seek for consumers’ trust in our products through the appropriate communication and I seek for the quality and safety of products with producers and markers with scientific background.

Other affiliations relevant to candidacy

I have experience of management positions in various sections at AEON, the largest Asian based retailer and have been responsible for the Quality Control since February 2018.
I was appointed as the head of customer service of the total organization in 2008. After being promoted as Chief Sustainability Officer in 2011, I was stationed in Kuala Lumpur to lead the store operation for Aeon Malaysia. Then I was appointed as the head of area policy team in 2015 and the head of communication department in 2016 at Aeon Retail Co., Ltd.
As Chief Sustainability Officer in 2011, I directed the recovery project from Tohoku Earthquake. The project covered broad areas such as the protection of food safety from nuclear accident, recovery from the disaster for Tohoku local producers and volunteers organization for local people in Tohoku. As the head of area policy team in 2015, I worked with 62 regional and local governments in Japan and 18 collaboratively and utilize the resources possessed by both parties in various fields, such as promoting disaster prevention, welfare, environmental conservation, revitalization of the regional economy and tourism.