Our Code of Conduct underlines our commitment to certain values. It determines our daily work, the way we communicate and act within the company and with our stakeholders.

1. Company Principles

  • We commit to economic, social and ecological responsibility in all our actions.
  • As global company we respect all cultures and traditions. Collaboration is independent of gender, skin color, religion, culture, education, social background, sexual orientation or nationality.
  • Fairness and honesty are the key attitude towards everybody in the company. We respect and support each other.
  • Compliments, recognition and the ability to give and receive criticism define our daily work and company climate. A key part of our company is trust.
  • Compliance with legal regulations, contracts and internal guidelines is a given.

2. Management Culture

  • An open-minded and creative culture underlines all our actions.
  • We enable our employees to work responsibly and successfully in our company and we support their development.
  • We as Managers are aware that each of us is responsible to make our company’s Management Principles come alive.

3. Management Principles

  • We talk together with our employees to specify targets, define clear activities and create areas of responsibility.
  • We trust that our employees will complete their tasks the best way possible and develop ideas that bring the company forward.
  • We talk with each other and support direct, honest and prompt communication.
  • We hold agreements and are trustworthy partners of our employees.
  • We give every employee regular feedback regarding his/her performance and behavior.
  • We evaluate our employees in an objective and appropriate way. Together with our employees we identify potential room for improvement. 
  • We are – in particular in situations of crisis and conflict – reliable, honest and loyal.
  • We are open-minded in regard to a continuously changing framework with the target of supporting innovations and improvements within the company.

4. Principles

Related to Our Customers

  • We care about our customers and connect with them. They are in the center of our activities and we prioritize working as a team to help them reach their goals.
  • We are professional and positive in our approach, taking pride in what we do.
  • We treat our clients in a friendly, respectful and honest way.
  • We communicate knowledgeably, clearly, and correctly.
  • We deliver up-to-date and complete information. Customers know that they can expect this.
  • We are helpful and courteous in delivering high quality services.
  • We are effective and active in listening to our customers when they express dissatisfaction or have complaints.

Related to Our Members

  • We are a member organisation. Our members are not only our main customers and business partners, but also share our vision. They are our supporting community and build the base of our global network. 
  • We offer benefits and services to our members.  We treat each member equally and offer the same level of service to each member.
  • We are as transparent as possible to our members and inform regularly about our activities.

Related to Our Employees

  • We are an attractive and valued employer.
  • We use a professional selection procedure and a 4-Eyes-Principle with the involvement of the direct superior to make decisions about staffing.
  • We are well-prepared when we welcome new employees on their first working day.
  • We ensure that working conditions enable a balance between professional, family and leisure life as much as possible.
  • We remunerate the performance and commitment of our employees adequate to their position and to the job market.
  • We conduct regular talks about performance, behavior and development with every employee.
  • We support our employees in their technical, vocational and personal development.
  • If we have to part with an employee, we act in a fair and respectful manner.

Related to Our Business Partners

  • We deal with our business partners in a respectful and cooperative way.
  • We jointly develop a clearly defined scope of performance with our business partners to avoid misunderstandings and lack of clarity. We also monitor compliance with agreed targets.
  • We keep our agreements and we want to be perceived as a reliable partner. We expect the same from our business partners. We respect the liability of verbal agreements.
  • We support the creativity of our business partners with the goal of improve and optimize our products and services.
  • Gifts, hospitality or any other benefits are only acceptable if reasonable, cashless, low in value, and in accordance with local laws and customs.

Related to the Certification Bodies (CBs)

  • Certification Bodies ( CBs) are responsible to deliver the GLOBALG.A.P. products and the most valued business partners of GLOBALG.A.P.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. sets certain requirements and rules that are unanimously applied to all CBs.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. provides those tools, material, interpretations, trainings and information that are necessary to fulfill those requirements and rules in order to optimally function as a GLOBALG.A.P. approved CB.
  • A CB may become an Associate Member. The membership benefits and additional services are listed and clearly defined.
  • Once approved and accredited, GLOBALG.A.P. does not prefer any CB over or against another CB.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. provides the same business information to all CBs and obeys confidentially restrictions as defined in the License and Certification Agreement that is signed between GLOBALG.A.P. and the CB.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. facilitates the commercial activities of the CB on request up to the extent that it does not endanger its impartiality.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. operates a Certification Body Committee that is open to each member CB to provide a forum where the interests of the CBs are represented.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. and CBs shall act jointly to safeguard the integrity and reputation of both parties in the event of accusations, allegations, claims, crisis or any similar event.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. shall not disclose any information to the CB or about a CB that is false or misleading, whether by statement or omission.
  • GLOBALG.A.P. shall always act in accordance with its duties and responsibilities and shall work in a manner that will not hinder the operation of CBs.

 Note: To simplify the wording "employee" refers not only to internal staff, but also to freelancers and contracted consultants.

GLOBALG.A.P. Code of Conduct V2.2; English Version
Publication Date: 04.03.2015