You’re a Retailer, Hardware Store, Garden Center, or Florist?
Give Your Customers Added Reassurance, Transparency, and Confidence!

The GGN label on the potted plants, Christmas trees, and bouquets of cut flowers** you sell translates into transparent and responsible farming practices visible to your consumers. To make sure your products carry the GGN label, simply inform your suppliers that you want them to print the GGN label logo on the packaging or the pots.

Your suppliers will then initiate the process and be responsible for fulfilling all the requirements. As a sales outlet, you can use our point-of-sale material to inform your customers that they are buying certified products.

** Mixed and mono bouquets consisting solely of GLOBALG.A.P. certified products without any wild gathered flowers or plants.

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*El término «producto certificado» hace referencia a productos que provienen de granjas con procesos de producción certificados por GLOBALG.A.P.