Name Agromedimurje d.d.
Country Croatia


Our company Agromeđimurje d.d. has had more than six decades of agricultural production in Croatia and Former Yugoslavia. In these past 60 years we have been through many difficulties, going from socialism to capitalism, and naturally, all of these changes and events have had a significant impact on the way we produce and sell. Throughout all of our history, we were the first, or at least one of the top three companies in Croatia and Former Yugoslavia to introduce and implement new technologies. In Former Yugoslavia we installed the first ever drop-by-drop irrigation system in our orchards in 1987. We were also among the first to install hail nets on a large scale (currently we have nearly 60 hectares of orchards under nets).

In addition to all our new technologies, we have to thank our geographical position–we are very near to Austria and Slovenia and Italy is not very far. Secondly, we have always been in close relationship with all the relevant institutions (University of Zagreb, Maribor, Ljubljana). But all of the benefits mentioned would have been irrelevant without our highly capable people who were able to recognize the new technologies and movements as very important parts of successful production. As a result, today we produce apples on 220 ha.


We were the first applicant and the first certificate holder in Croatia for GLOBALG.A.P. certified production and packing of 6000 tons of fresh and delicious apples.

Why we chose GLOBALG.A.P.

The organization’s mission was and still is to increase apple production quality and marketability through horticultural solutions, by utilizing innovative and economic technologies and, more importantly, knowledge. We see GLOBALG.A.P.  as the ideal certificate to help us achieve our goals. It is the certificate that will also unite all our practices into one, all for the benefit and increased satisfaction and safety of our customers.

We needed to get certification to sell our apples in the EU market. The problem wasn’t the quality, but proving and demonstrating it. GLOBALG.A.P.  is a perfect first step. It is not too demanding, but at the same time covers all of the aspects of production, packing and traceability. We must say that prior to GLOBALG.A.P.  we were already compliant with 60% of the requirements. For 20% we had to make some changes the rest 20% had to be introduced, both through organization and technology

Our hope and goal is that with GLOBALG.A.P. we can become recognized in the EU for the quality and safety of our apples and also as a market leader and role model grower for other producers who already have or are in the process of achieving GLOBALG.A.P. Certification.