CQC – China Quality Certification Centre, the largest professional certification body in China, operates under the China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC), and is approved by the State General Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine and the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China. Dedicated to promoting the economic and social development of China, CQC is now aiming to become an international certification body with high social credibility, strong innovation capability, market competitiveness, and sustainable development capability. Attending the 12th GLOBALG.A.P. Conference is in clear alignment with their goals.

CQC places great importance on GLOBALG.A.P. Certification, and we are investing great efforts to develop the Good Agricultural Practices certification market in China. At SUMMIT 2014 we will follow up on the latest worldwide developments and innovations in food safety assurance for primary produce. This in turn will help us upgrade our certification quality to meet market demands. The conference also gives us a valuable networking opportunity to develop and expand CQC and the certification market both in China and internationally,” said CB Scheme Manager, Qu Fengfa.

The GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT is a gathering of the world’s leading experts & professionals to shape the future of Good Agricultural Practices: food safety, sustainability, traceability and social, animal and environmental responsibility.

The conference offers delegates an excellent opportunity to:

  • Network with the global industry’s decision makers.
  • Learn about innovative and successful small-scale farming models from around the world.
  • Discover how Good Agricultural Practices can play a key role in global food security.
  • Contribute to shaping the future of GLOBALG.A.P. by taking part in the discussions on the next version 5 of the Integrated Farm Assurance Standard.
  • Gain insights into the potential of the Middle East and North Africa region.

To learn more about SUMMIT 2014 and to register, please visit www.summit2014.org.

Learn more about CQC – China Quality Certification Centre here.