Certis Europe BV is a crop protection company operating in eight Western European countries and is now a new GLOBALG.A.P. Associate Member. It is providing solutions for a responsible management of crops.

One of their strategic pillars is the development of new solutions to cultivate fruit and vegetables in accordance with the high standards required by European consumers regarding quality, freshness, life span, food safety, and environmental impact.

Thanks to the “Growing for the Future Project” initiated in Spain, Certis is working with technicians and horticultural farmers to implement crop management based on biorational products –registered as phytosanitaries -, special fertilizers and new systems for water management, showing that it is possible to produce vegetables with at a high yield, high quality and in accordance to the strictest European food retailer enterprises in relation to food safety.

Certis firmly believes and is committed to the principles and values of GLOBALG.A.P. and is very proud of being a new member of this organization.