GLOBALG.A.P. is delighted to announce that Tesco is the first UK retailer to require their suppliers of bananas to be assessed against the GLOBALG.A.P. TR4 Biosecurity add-on.  Further information about the add-on, including assessment checklists and general rules, can be found on the GLOBALG.A.P. website.

If you or your producer have any technical questions, you can contact the GLOBALG.A.P. product manager Leo Ferrer (

A statement from Tesco declared, to support the protection of banana production globally, and help minimise the spread of the disease Fusarium Wilt Tropical Race 4 (TR4), also known as “Foc 4”, Tesco has decided to implement the GLOBALG.A.P. TR4 Biosecurity Add-on for all Tesco banana producers globally.  

Assessment against GLOBALG.A.P. Add-on required

As a requirement to supply bananas to Tesco, this will take effect immediately, and producers are expected to implement measures to prevent the introduction of TR4 and they must be assessed against the GLOBALG.A.P. Add-on during their next Tesco Nurture assessment.

Add-on provides vital advantages

The Add-on helps banana farmers to:

•            Implement biosecurity measures that will help prevent the introduction of TR4 into the farm.

•            Raise awareness of the risks posed by TR4 to banana production.  

•            Gain access to resources on this subject that will help them to continuously improve their practices.

•            Demonstrate that they have implemented measures against this pathogen and can thus ensure long-term sustainability on their farm.

•            Identify the risks for banana production today.
Farmers will receive a TR4 Letter of Conformance, and the results of the assessment will be visible in the GLOBALG.A.P. Database. Tesco banana producers must ask their Certification Body to perform the TR4 Biosecurity assessment together with their normal GLOBALG.A.P. IFA and Tesco Nurture assessment.