Two Days – Two Conferences: GLOBALG.A.P. Adding Value to Your Agri-Business with the Leading Worldwide Standard for Food Safety and Sustainability – Take Your Business to the Next Level!

India has taken the world by storm due to its economic growth and investment in various sectors over the last years. By employing approximately 50% of the Indian population, agriculture accounts for almost 18% of the country’s overall GDP and is thus a valuable part of the Indian economy. Additionally, experts foresee a massive growth within the retail sector, which will reach up to €770 billion in market value by 2020. An immense increase can also be seen within in the food service industry and gourmet food market. As one the most prominent take-aways from our first two TOUR conferences in Delhi and Bangalore 2019, good agricultural practices are indeed a way to leverage businesses to cope with national and international requirements by implementing internationally accepted safe and sustainable agricultural requirements.

The solution: GLOBALG.A.P. is one of the world’s fastest growing and most widely recognized farm-level certification systems for food safety and good agricultural practices. Its role in supporting the Indian's food security efforts is illustrated by the growth of international demand for certified products from all over the world.

Date: 07 November 2019
Place: Baramati, India
Venue: Krishna Sagar Residency
Fee: Free of charge
Language: English (with simultaneous translation to Marathi)

Date: 09 November 2019
Place: Nashik, India
Venue: Hotel Grand Rio
Fee: Free of charge
Language: English (with simultaneous translation to Marathi)

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Join our two-day TOUR conference organized by YARA.

The two-day GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR STOP provides a unique opportunity to learn about GLOBALG.A.P.’s products and services and to network with food system stakeholders working in both national and international markets. The conference will address topics such as:

  • How the GLOBALG.A.P. system can help farms improve food safety and good agricultural practices
  • How GLOBALG.A.P. standards can improve access to local and international markets
  • How GLOBALG.A.P. services can help farms achieve certification more effectively
  • How the GLOBALG.A.P. network can help connect markets and farmers
  • How GLOBALG.A.P. marketing can connect farmers with consumers

We look forward to seeing you there and don't miss this valuable networking opportunity and get in contact with our Experts!

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