This was one of the main conclusions reached in the context of the Alliance Agreement signed between CCI and GLOBALG.A.P., seeking to train farmers to improve their portfolio and to reach global markets.

Colombian farmers will be able to quickly reach a platform where they can access major international buyers.

Countries such as Spain, Greece and Italy today are a great reference for the Colombian agricultural market, as they are leaders in the ranking of producers associated with the worldwide GLOBALG.A.P. System. There are about 30,000 producers for each of these countries operating through cooperatives that associate small-scale farmers with a single administrative and technical support team. Agri-businessmen represented by a president who is elected from among the farmers that own the associations and where the decision-maker is the farmer... these were some of the experiences shared during the event to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Corporación Colombia Internacional – CCI (International Colombian Corporation), which also hosted the launch of CCI’s alliance with GLOBALG.A.P.

Today, 70% of the world's GLOBALG.A.P. certified producers are small-scale farmers, i.e. people who grow on no more than half a hectare of land. This is why it is an important reference point for promoting Colombian agriculture.

Through the Corporación Colombia Internacional – CCI, GLOBALG.A.P.’s system of good agricultural practices will be able to reach all farmers. The Corporation will strive to train all those who wish to access local and international markets with the highest quality standards. For the first time it will take these practices to places where farmers need a helping hand.

“The great role of the CCI will be to access and support agricultural projects and farmers who previously could not have direct access to this know-how. It is a system of good agricultural practices that can be measured and verified to improve farmers’ resources, products and income", said Flavio Alzueta, Vice President of GLOBALG.A.P.

During the launching event, CCI’s President, Adriana Senior, explained to an audience that included the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, trade union leaders and other guests involved in agriculture, that this alliance will give leverage to the responsible trade of Colombian products in the local as well as in the global markets.

The alignment of the Colombian farming sector with organizations such as GLOBALG.A.P. represents not only an improvement in the management of its resources, but will also improve the quality certification needed today to open the doors to international markets.

“This is a tool for farmers to implement changes, especially those who are seeking to export, as it makes it possible for them to be more competitive. Producers need to strive to be better prepared for the local and global markets and to take advantage of the huge advantage that is Colombia’s productive diversity. The key will be the transfer of know-how and the alliances, such as the alliance made today with GLOBALG.A.P.", explained Jorge Bedoya, President of the Colombian Farmers' Society – SAC.

The task now led by the CCI, in co-responsibility with farming businessmen, should lead to greater profitability, social inclusion and environmental sustainability throughout the entire value chain, as well as highlight the relevance of safety and standardization in agricultural products. It will also allow suppliers to have direct access to large buyers, improving the price of crops, ensuring the collection of negotiated payments and even removing marketing intermediaries, thus providing new opportunities for Colombian farmers.

Photo: Courtesy CCI