Alfa Far East Trading Company Limited is a Hong Kong based company that has been in the produce business for over 30 years. In 2004 the company made a major investment and built a modern packing facility in China, named Alfa Fruit Packers, which began operation in September 2004.

Alfa Fruit Packers is located in Qixia, a city situated on the beautiful Jiaodong Peninsula of the eastern part of Shandong Province in China. Located west of Korea and northwest of Japan, Qixia city offers a convenient transportation system, with Yantai Harbor only 60 km away and Qingdao Harbor only 150 km away.

On the benefits for GLOBALG.A.P. Certification, a company spokesman confirmed that “GLOBALG.A.P. improves the company’s standard operation procedures, from orchard management and raw material procurement to packing and sales. Both domestic and international customers view the GLOBALG.A.P. Certificate as an approval of good management, which helps us build our brand name.”

“By helping build the foundation of Alfa’s standard operation procedures, GLOBALG.A.P. improves company management and traceability for our fruit. Furthermore, in the interest of consumer safety and health, Alfa follows strict GLOBALG.A.P. policies and rules for orchard management. This ensures our consumers are receiving a safe and quality product.”

Alfa’s orchards use a scientific management system. Specialized horticulturalists manage the orchards on a daily basis to ensure the optimal timing and quantity of fertilizer and pesticides applied. When the fruit is about to develop, Alfa’s workers manually bag each apple so that the apples will not be exposed to pesticides. With proper climate and a good management system, Alfa produces natural, safe, and good tasting apples.

Apples are transported to the company’s cold storage within 12 hours after harvest to ensure the apple’s juiciness and perfect first taste. The apples are washed with purified water, rinsed, and disinfected before packing into the box. Alfa uses a state-of-the-art apple-sorting machine from The Netherlands that uses high-speed cameras to take 40 pictures per apple, and then sorts the apples by color percentage, weight and defects.

All of Alfa’s orchards are CIQ approved and the packinghouse is also GLOBALG.A.P. approved. Barcodes are used so that every box of apple is traceable back to its source.

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