Nestrom is an agricultural technology company with deep roots in software and hardware development, focused on delivering high-quality solutions to enable and empower farm value chain operations. Nestrom provides products and solutions for workforce management, in-field operations, and traceability solutions for the EMEA market. 

The company provides multiple products, including Field Operation Management systems, which facilitate seamless operational monitoring, management, and communication for mid-sized to large farms, as well as Farm Workforce Management systems, which provide the ability to track and understand open field and greenhouse workers’ movements, type of activity, productivity, and time spent in working areas. “Given that Nestrom builds software that empowers agricultural businesses to achieve operational excellence, it comes naturally to join GLOBALG.A.P. as a member and partner. We share the same values and high standards as the GLOBALG.A.P. community, and we are ensuring that such standards are integrated at the very core of our products.”, explains CEO Yousef Wadi.