In the 17th century, the Spanish-Dutch government decided to build a canal between the Rhine and the Maas Rivers. Unfortunately, the Fossa Eugenia link was never completed, a feat even Napoleon was unable to accomplish a century later. Armed conflict, lack of funding, and elevation differences failed to discourage a forward-thinking group of growers from the Venlo region: the Fossa Eugenia.

Fossa Eugenia’s growers are all located in the region of Venlo, on the Dutch-German border. The produce of these vegetable growers, who all share the aim of supplying premium quality products that meets the demands of critical consumers, is sold via Fossa Eugenia B.V. The underlying concept is based on a simple model: supplying quality produce that complies in every detail with the wishes of critical consumers and marketing the produce via efficient value chains. This approach has proven successful for growers and consumers alike, contributing to expansions of products and economic opportunities for the region.

Every grower can deliver directly to Fossa Eugenia’s customers. By ensuring this direct link to customers and handling smaller volumes of product, quality and accountability remains high. All growers are fully responsible and accountable for the quality of their own contribution. Special requirements relating to grades and packaging are communicated directly to the individual growers, so they can react as quickly as possible to changing customer and market demands.

Fossa Eugenia is comprised of 29 production companies with a total growing area of 62 hectares of greenhouses and 1200 hectares of arable land.