Hops are grown in the United States, Germany, and many other countries around the world for use as a flavoring and stability agent in beer.
Hop production has been assessed over the past three years under GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Combinable Crops Sub-Scope. However, a Sub-Scope specific to hops is needed by the industry to cover the unique process that takes place on farm.

The Hop Growers of America (HGA), representing the US hop growers who produce 40% of the world’s hops, has worked with GLOBALG.A.P., hop growers, merchants, processors, and brewer customers around the world to develop a draft GLOBALG.A.P. Sub-Scope specific to hops. 

GLOBALG.A.P. now seeks the public comment from the hop industry and interested stakeholders to ensure consistency with best practices across the world's hop producing countries.

Producers will need to comply with the All Farm, Crops Base and the new proposed Hops module. Consultation is only open for the Hops module, however, other comments received might be considered for future revision of the Integrated Farm Assurance Standard.

We invite comments to the draft standard at http://www.globalgap.org/uk_en/what-we-do/globalg.a.p.-certification/public-consultation/ until 27 April 2017.

Please insert your comments directly into the document and send it to publiccomments@globalgap.org.