SwissGAP Hortikultur

SwissGAP Hortikultur, the flowers & ornamentals standard from Switzerland owned by the association  SwissGAP, has successfully finalized the re-benchmarking and is now recognized as an equivalent scheme against GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Standard Version 5. The standard allows only certification of individual producers and has been recognized as an equivalent scheme by GLOBALG.A.P. for almost 10 years. SwissGAP Hortikultur certification is one of the preconditions to be allowed to use the label Suisse Garantie.

Suisse Garantie is owned by AMS Agro-Marketing Suisse, an association of more than 40 agricultural industry organizations. Produce with the standardized mark of origin Suisse Garantie label must originate from and have been processed in Switzerland. The raw materials used must be produced by approved manufacturers who have registered for Proof of Ecological Performance (PEP). No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may be used in the production of plant- and animal-based products.

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Re-benchmarking of the German fruit & vegetables and potatoes standard QS-GAP has been finalized successfully and has got recognition as an equivalent scheme. The QS-GAP standard permits only the certification of individual producers.

QS Fachgesellschaft Obst-Gemüse-Kartoffeln GmbH is the scheme owner and promoter of QS quality assurance with fruit, vegetables and potatoes. The standards defined by QS set clear and verifiable production re-quirements for all stages of the food supply chain – from producer right through to the food retail. The cross-stage monitoring of these requirements, as well as the traceability of agricultural products and goods made from them, characterizes the QS scheme. More than 29.000 companies in the fruit, vegetables and potatoes supply chain have already chosen to become part of the QS scheme.

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Assured Food Standards Ltd. / Red Tractor Assurance

Assured Food Standards Ltd. / Red Tractor Assurance receives GLOBALG.A.P. recognition as a resembling scheme for its Fruit & Vegetables Standard

For all producers who require a GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent certificate, Assured Food Standards has developed a supplement to bridge the gap. Red Tractor Assurance for Farms Fresh Produce Standard certification is offered in the United Kingdom to individual producers.
Assured Food Standards Ltd. / Red Tractor Assurance is a non-profit organization run by the food industry to ensure food originates from a trustworthy and safe source. The organization operates a number of farm and supply chain assurance schemes.
Red Tractor was established in 2000 and is the biggest farm and food standard scheme in the UK. The Red Tractor logo on food packs and in service outlets identifies food that has come from a Red Tractor assured supply chain.

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