New IFA version in 2020 – Draft versions now available!

Please keep an eye on this page over the next 4 weeks as we will add more documents.

GLOBALG.A.P. is embarking on its most comprehensive revision of standards ever, and you should be part of it!

IFA version 6 aims to offer a flexible and simplified certification experience, maximizing the ever-growing capabilities for digitalization in the auditing and certification processes, and including more elements of customized, science-based risk assessments. To be published in 2021, now is your chance to have your say on version 6.

Public Consultation Periods

The GLOBALG.A.P. technical committees and focus groups have evaluated the current version (v5) and approved structural changes to simplify the standard. They will continue their work and prepare the draft of v6 for the first official public consultation period during May/June 2020.

There will also be a second public consultation period from mid-November to mid-January 2021, and later a period during which you can participate in field trials to evaluate the standard’s auditability.

Further Feedback Opportunities

In addition to these defined public consultation periods and the permanent option for written feedback, we are also planning multiple online events in the context of our World Consultation Tour, where we hope to reach as many stakeholders as possible. This virtual tour allows direct communication between GLOBALG.A.P. experts and various stakeholders via roundtable discussions. Learn more about participation in our World Consultation Tour here.

Keep an eye out for the events and announcements of the public consultation periods.
We look forward to your comments and a constructive discussion on how we can improve the standard!

Documents for public consultation can be downloaded below, or you can send comments to at any time.

Current Documents for Public Consultation