You’re a Packer and/or Trader?
Do You Pack Your Own or Your Client’s Brand?

As the company that prints the GGN label logo on the consumer facing packaging, you must fulfill all the following requirements:

  1. Get GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody certification: .
  2. Important: If you are a producer that packs their own products, you do not need GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody certification, as this is already included in your GLOBALG.A.P. IFA certification for Flowers & Ornamentals.
  3. Ensure certification of all partners in the supply chain.
  4. Ensure that the farms you are sourcing from are certified against IFA FO or a GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent benchmarked scheme and have a GRASP assessment (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) with full compliance status to demonstrate social responsibility:
  5. Become a label licensee. Get information by sending us an e-mail: