You’re a Farm with a Certified Production Process?  Tell Your Buyers About the GGN Label!

  1. Ensure that you have a GRASP assessment (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) with full compliance status to demonstrate social responsibility.
  2. Inform your buyers that they can use the GGN label to show end consumers that the product they’r e buying was sourced from a GLOBALG.A.P. certified farm.
  3. Inform your partners in the supply chain that they will need Chain of Custody certification.
  4. To establish a profile of your farm on the GGN label portal, contact The farm profile contains pictures and some informative data about your farm.

For GLOBALG.A.P. certified producers, the participation costs for the GGN label system are already covered by your Producer Registration Fee.

Please note: If you pack your own products in a consumer package, please see the section for packers/traders.


Certified against a GLOBALG.A.P. Equivalent Benchmarked Scheme? Opt in now!

If you are a producer whose production process is certified according to a scheme which is a benchmarked equivalent of GLOBALG.A.P. IFA certification for Flowers and Ornamentals (v5.2), your products are also eligible to carry the GGN label. 
You may opt into the GGN label system directly, without the need to contact your scheme owner.

The following schemes are the accepted benchmarked equivalents at present:

How to opt in as a producer from a benchmarked equivalent scheme:

1. Ensure your benchmarked equivalent certificate is valid and up to date and that you have a GRASP Assessment demonstrating full compliance. 
2. Sign a GGN System Participant contract with GLOBALG.A.P. You can request this via an e-mail sent to The System Participant contract confirms your level of certification and your agreement to the GGN label system participation fee. The contract remains valid for as long as your farm assurance certification is valid, and for as long as your certification scheme maintains the benchmarked status “Equivalent”.
3. Pay the GGN label system participation fee. See below for a breakdown of this fee.
4. Complete a GGN producer profile on the GGN platform by registering directly on 
5. If you are interested in applying the GGN label to your products yourself, you must also obtain a GGN label license. You can also request this alongside the contract for System Participants by sending an e-mail to

GGN label system participation fee for benchmarked equivalent producers:

The GGN label system participation fee is invoiced on an annual basis according to the certification cycle of the applicant and comprises the following elements:
1. Base fee (scope-specific): GLOBALG.A.P. producer registration fee as applicable for the IFA scope, calculated according to production area (see the tables below for the exact figures.)
2. Administration fee: An additional 20% of the base fee.
3. Deduction of benchmarking fee: The System Participant pays a flat fee directly to the certification body or scheme owner for the equivalent benchmarking. This fee is then deducted from the invoice total for the GGN label system participation fee from GLOBALG.A.P.
Only producers with a base fee of more than 90€ (covered + non-covered production) will be invoiced for the use of the GGN label.

Example of a participation fee breakdown:
Producer X is certified for 25 hectares of non-covered production.
His PRF is therefore €300.
The administration fee is €60
He pays €100 to the CB for B2B benchmarking.

The total fee is therefore €300 + €60 - €100 = €260