Name Saarthie/DFPCL Agribuisness and Farming Solutions
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Country India


Agribuisness and Farming Solutions (ABFS), a Division of Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd., provide the following:

  1. Total nutrient management services to the member farmers.
  2. We give farm advisory and GLOBALG.A.P. services to the member farmers through our expert and qualified Agronomist.
  3. We provide farm diagnostic services (soil, water, petiole analysis) and test-based nutrient recommendations to the member farmers
  4. Implementation & monitoring of global quality services
  5. Processing and packing of raw (fresh produce) and processed fruits and vegetables
  6. Well-developed supply chain for domestic and international market.

ABFS is ISO 9001-2008 Certified, GLOBALG.A.P. Option 2 certified with a group of 500-600 grape member farmers in the Nashik and Sangli areas, BRC certified, SEDAX (SMETA) audit complied for social standards.


We focused on the young rural youth farmer members with small holdings. We trained them on Good Agricultural Practices, nutrient management, IPM, health and safety, soil and water conservation techniques, biodiversity, health and safety while working, impact of hygiene during produce handling on the field and at the packhouse. We provided each member with a GLOBALG.A.P. Record Book, First Aid kit, PPP safety clothing, farm sign boards and policies. Our Agronomist visits the registered farm every 8 days and gives advice and recommendations based on his observation for follow up in the next visit. In case of emergency, the farmers can reach us via mobile to get solutions to remedy the problems.

We focused on water conservation. For this we insisted that our farmers adopt farm ponds. Mulching and intercultural operations across the slope are recommended, which resulted in the conservation of water in the soil and resulted in good percolation of water to the bore wells and digging wells.
The extra water from the bore well is stored in the farm ponds and is only utilized during the scarcity period ( February and March ).

The Impact of our efforts:

  1. GLOBALG.A.P. Option 2 is improving the member farmers’ ability to comply with international standard requirements. Furthermore, it has opened up new markets and allowed them to participate in exciting export opportunities and increased their profits. Regardless of their scale, committed producers can compete on an equal footing by adopting Good Agricultural Practices.

  2. GLOBALG.A.P. compliance does not only offer better income opportunities but has also created a chance to introduce sustainable agricultural practices with a positive impact on farm management and profitability, the environment, and the regional social network.

  3. Our members have recognized that the investment in Good Agricultural Practices and Quality Assurance Systems along the food supply chain are justifiable and result in a reasonable return on investment, through productivity gains, reduction of production and transition costs, improved market access, farmers’ welfare, workers’ health and ultimately improved consumer protection. Member farmers and workers are happy for such healthy Good Agricultural Practices.

We paid fair prices to the member farmers within 8 days of harvesting on their bank accounts through NEFT/RTGS. In 2016 we exported a total of 211 containers of GLOBALG.A.P. certified table grapes to the EU & UK.

We are grateful to our certification body for timely auditing as per the audit plan/schedule.
We are also grateful to GLOBALG.A.P. for providing such an opportunity to share the impact of Good Agricultural Practices on food safety and sustainability with the rest of the world. We are eager to share our thoughts and experiences of what we learned and gained with our member farmers in the process of implementing GLOBALG.A.P. Certification.