Name Agrícola Santa Marta de Liray S.A.
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Country Chile


Agrícola Santa Marta de Liray S.A. is a company with over 20 years of experience in agricultural and poultry production. The company is comprised of three business units:  agriculture, poultry production and fruit exports. The agricultural area is made up of 123 hectares, of which 97 are reserved for cultivation, and 91 hectares of these are dedicated to growing the following table grape varieties: Thomson Seedless, Flame Seedless, Crimson and Red Globe.

Specializing in the production of grapes for export has allowed MOBA Export, Agrícola Santa Marta’s own export company, to begin operations, and place the grapes in highly demanding markets such as the European and Asian markets.

Agrícola Santa Maria de Liray S.A is certified under the following standards:  GLOBALG.A.P. and TESCO, ISO9001: 2008, GPS Security levels 1, 2 and 3, the Clean Production Agreement (CPA), and HACCP (poultry).


At Agrícola Santa Marta de Liray we produce and deliver grapes while meeting the highest standards of food quality and safety. To do this we endeavor to satisfy our external and internal clients, complying with their legal and regulatory requirements as well as with the corresponding procedures and guidelines of our management system.

Every single employee is very valuable for our company, and we seek to ensure their occupational and personal well-being, their safety and health, as well as their development through training to improve their skills and competencies. As part of the management system’s continuous improvement process, we always safeguard the development of its processes and the infrastructure involved. Along with continuous growth, the automation of our systems and making this part of our corporate quality policy, we are also concerned with protecting the environment and have therefore certified our company under the Clean Production Agreement (CPA), building a state-of-the-art compost maker to optimize the use of organic waste from the poultry farm, and using this compost to improve the soil of our agricultural crops.

GLOBALG.A.P.- TESCO (TN10) Certification: Certified since 2005, these international standards have helped us seek safe and quality products that are produced in such a way as to ensure workers' safety and environmental protection. As a result, each year we declare protected areas that are planted with trees of environmental interest, which are cared for and controlled naturally. Hunting is not allowed within the premises and we use mechanical and biological procedures to control pest and/or disease in order to minimize the use of crop protection products.

Compost making plant of Agrícola Santa Marta de Liray: We have an encapsulated state-of-the-art plant, which treats solid organic material (poultry guano) based on processes of mineralization and transformation of organic material by aerobic micro-organisms. The result of this process is high-quality compost that we use as fertilizer in our agricultural fields, thus avoiding the use of inorganic fertilizers on the soils of our premises.

GPS-ACHS Certification: As one of the priority points and objectives of our quality policy, we have achieved and maintained an occupational health and safety management system (GPS-ACHS) certified through our Chilean safety association, which has checked the effective implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, achieving levels 1, 2 and 3. These levels aim at protecting the integrity and safety of our workers and lower the rate of accidents.

ISO9001:2008: Certification: Achieved in 2013, this has brought 2 significant benefits for our company: increased productivity and greater client satisfaction.
Productivity increased substantially after an initial assessment, followed by an improvement of the processes during their implementation, as well as an improvement in the training and qualification of our employees. With better documentation and process control, we managed to achieve a stable level of performance, reduce the amount of waste, and avoid duplication of work. As a result, managers receive fewer calls regarding problems during the night given that employees have more information and are able to resolve the issues themselves.

Clients' satisfaction increased because the set objectives take their needs into consideration. The company seeks feedback from its clients and analyses it in order to achieve a better understanding of their needs. The objectives are adapted according to this information and the organization becomes more focused on its clients. When the objectives are focused on clients, the organization dedicates less time on the individual goals of the various internal departments and more time in working jointly to satisfy clients' needs.