Name Kakuzi Limited
Country Kenya

Kakuzi Limited cultivates, manufactures and markets tea, grows and markets avocados, grows pineapple and macadamia and is involved in livestock farming and forestry development. One of their major contributions to advancing Good Agricultural and Social Practices in Kenya is that they provide their employees with housing, medical care, water and support with education and environmental protection.

All of their 1,300 employees and their direct dependents of around 6,500 people are housed on Kakuzi land.
Free housing, constructed and maintained by the company, is organized into villages with each village having 5 to 90 houses, all with running, fresh potable water, waste management and sanitation facilities. Kakuzi maintains nursery schools and day care centers providing free education to the children of employees, dependents and the surrounding communities, following a strict code of not using child labor in their operations. It also offers scholarships, bursaries and stipends and provides funds to establish and improve schools near their plantations.

To ensure year-round food availability for their employees, Kakuzi initiated a Kitchen Garden program that encourages employees to cultivate the area around their houses and plant indigenous vegetables organically and sustainably. As a result of this initiative, a happy workforce has emerged with employee productivity rising and malnutrition non-existent. This in turn translates into reduced sick leave from parents and improved class attendance rates for school pupils. The cost of maintaining the property’s large lawns has been replaced by a food and income-generating program. With the extra income from the sale of vegetables from the kitchen gardens, employees can afford to improve their lifestyles e.g. by buying bicycles for clean transport. Kakuzi is now rolling out this initiative to the surrounding community.

"We know that if we can improve and measure the household livelihood status of our own employees’ families and their dependents, we can set local goals for improving the lives of the neighboring community." 

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