Name Lapanday Agricultural & Development Corporation
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Country Philippines


Lapanday Agricultural & Development Corporation (LADC) is one of the companies under the Lapanday Group producing and exporting Cavedish bananas to customers all over Asia and the Middle East. From the 3 farms under LADC which was acquired in 1982, Lapanday now operates 25 farms in 5 regions in Mindanao, Southern Philippines (Davao Del Norte, Davao Del Sur, Agusan Del Sur, North Cotabato and South Cotabato).

The Guihing Production Operation of LADC was certified to GLOBALG.A.P.  in December 2015. The 594-hectare farm is one of the showcase farms under the Lapanday Group and has been the recipient of many awards from the community and from the company since its operation.

The plantation is actively supporting the local government in conservation efforts thru tree planting, coastal cleanups and other activities. Medical and dental missions and other community activities are also conducted thru the Dona Luisa Foundation.


Innovation, productivity and quality are among the core values of Lapanday. Increased demand for better quality fruit grown in a chemical free environment using less workers, lead to the development and adaptation of techniques for reducing pesticide use.

Reduced Chemical Use
Over the years, Lapanday continues to reduce the exposure of workers to chemicals by shifting to green and blue label chemicals. The installation of treated bags early during the fruit development cycle resulted to a significant reduction in the manual application of PPPs. Thru efforts of the Research Department and with the help of suppliers, local and international industry associations, it continues to develop safer methods for Integrated Pest Management including the use of cover crops and replanting with disease resistant varieties.

In 2015, as a result of improved hygiene practices from the implementation of GLOBALG.A.P.

 and continuous reduction of MRLs in markets served, the company decided to eliminate the use of PPPs for post-harvest treatment in all packing houses. This has resulted in significant savings and ensured MRL compliance especially for tough markets.

Women, Youth and Training

The company encourages the participation of women and youth from neighboring communities in the production operations. While most of the field workers are men, more than half of the packinghouse workers are women. Three out of four workers are under forty.
Regular training of workers is important to ensure quality and food safety. All workers undergo annual training on Occupational Health Safety and Hygiene. In addition to this, workers handling chemicals go thru annual training on Chemical Safety. Visitors undergo a safety induction prior to entry to the farms and packing houses.

Water Management
The Guihing Production Operation is fully irrigated using a combination of under tree and drip irrigation. A network of holding ponds and canals installed in the farm help in trapping runoff and distributing irrigation water. Installed in the farms are monitoring and recording systems for recording weather conditions particularly rainfall and evapotranspiration. In addition, piezometers are also installed to further map out water requirements of the different blocks. The combination of the monitoring equipment and use of piezometers enabled the farm to optimize irrigation water use.