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The humble beginnings of Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc. (TADECO), the flagship company of the ANFLO Group of Companies, started in the vast, swampy land of Southeastern Mindanao on December 20, 1950. Prior to becoming today’s one of the top producers of premium quality and export-grade Cavendish bananas worldwide, it started in the production of Abaca and was considered the biggest producer of it as well. When the prices of synthetic fiber went down, TADECO shifted its production to bananas.

The visionary founder Don Antonio O. Floirendo, Sr. was a great leader and philanthropist who envisioned a company that will help uplift the quality of lives of the Filipino people. True enough, for 65 years, TADECO continues to provide development and prosperity to the people and its neighboring municipalities. The same phenomenon is now being experienced in its expansion companies in Davao Oriental, Davao Occidental and Compostella Valley Provinces by cascading TADECO’s best practices. With TADECO’s wide-ranging operations, it has ushered the establishment of the affiliate companies to provide necessary services for the 6,639.85-hectare farm.

The inspiring legacy of TADECO and the instilled core values by the founder to his people firmly stood and shaped TADECO to where it is today. With its premium and GLOBALG.A.P. certified bananas, its market has expanded and is continuously exporting quality Cavendish bananas to Japan, China, Middle East, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. For more than 40 years in the banana industry, TADECO is the industry’s leading banana company with an average yield of 5,000 boxes/hectare/year compared to the industry average of 3,500 boxes/hectare/year. Its steadfast approach to the challenges and consistent implementation of our standard operating procedures that are derived from innovations and the requirements of the customers brought the company impressive yearly production of 32M boxes from 20M boxes, all these while maintaining the net-planted area, with a record-breaking 33.3M boxes in 2011.

While it will not always be years of abundance, we recognize that challenges are always part of a bananero’s life, including weather conditions. Hence, when El Niño was about to hit the plantation in the last quarter of 2015, it took no time for the TADECO minds to meet up and took applicable drastic measures to mitigate the effect of El Niño. This is just one of the many challenges that demonstrates the vigilance and resilience of TADECO as it always lives up to its “ Be the Best!” mantra.

These are the outcome of the acquired and championed synergy of all the workers, harmonized and made sustainable by the following:

  • Strict compliance and committed implementation of the local and international standards and principles (including but not limited to: GLOBALG.A.P. Certification, ISO 9001 Alignment, PhilGAP Certification and statutory and regulatory requirements).

  • Adherence to our Quality Management System and policies to ensure the welfare and protection of the workers, the environment and the surrounding communities (including but not limited to: Quality Policy, Environmental Policy, OSH Policy, CSR Policy, Child Labor-Free Policy).

  • Meeting customer requirements and staying competitive in the global market through our innovation and ingenuity applied in our very own sets of good farm integrated systems called the TADECO Banana Farm (TBF) Practices (including also: precision agriculture, state of the art facilities in Research and Development activities).

  • Strategic partnering across all levels in the organization through constant open communication, feed-back, and involvement in decision making process (including but not limited to: TADECO Labor-Management Cooperation or the so called TADECO Bananeros’ Family Circle, Bi-annual State of the Farm Address or SOFA).

  • Providing rewards and intervention to ensure motivation, continuous learning, productivity, and quality (including but not limited to: Productivity Incentive Program & Quality Incentive Program (Incentive Bonus), Special Performance Awards, Quarterly Operations’ Refresher Course Trainings, Bananero Challenge, Packing Station Cleanliness and Sanitation Program, Zero-work Related Accident Program, Performance-Based Rewards Program).

Our Achievements

As brilliant and exquisite as the Sapphire gemstone, Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc. or TADECO celebrated its 65 long years of existence with great pride on December 20, 2015. It commemorated a historical moment of STEADFAST partnership with its people despite challenges; and, COMMITMENT to live/adhere strictly to highest standards and principles to ensure success – attributes of a Sapphire. Having reached such a number of years, its achievements cover but are not limited to the following areas:

Talent for Agriculture, Women and Youth

  • TADECO’s success rests with the values of its people – the TADECO Bananeros. These values of the TADECO Bananeros were enculturated by the very talent who visualized productive and thriving community out from a dark swampy land. No other than the founder, the visionary himself, and, the exemplary leader – the late Don Antonio O. Floirendo Sr. He treated his employees like his own family. As a father, he took good care of TADECO as a legacy from generations to generations. He looked after the health, safety and welfare of his people. He was successful in passing on these talents of valuing bananeros and shaping the great TADECO leaders of today as reflected and carried on by thousands of TADECO Bananeros.

  • The people are the principal resource and core drivers of the organization, thus TADECO provides opportunity for advancement that is embodied in its Agriculture Foreman Trainees’ Training. This program runs for months to train a potential pool of talents (dependents and rank-and-file employees) on good agricultural practices and become future leaders of the company. In fact, the present Vice-President and Senior Assistant Vice President for Agriculture Production are products of the said program.

  • True to its drive for continual improvement, TADECO unceasingly explore for efficient and effective banana cultural practices. One of today’s innovation is the Peeping Bud Bagging or PBB which TADECO has adopted and perfected. This manual operation is employed to protect emerging buds against the banana flower thrips by suffocation without resorting to Plant Protection Products which contributed to a decrease in fruit waste and a positive trend in the production’s recovery of packable fruits. This is also an answer to the advocacy of customers in relation to food safety and Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs).

  • Another talent for Agriculture is exemplified in the Agri-Information System (AIS) and the Geographical Information System (GIS) which are developed internally. Realities in the field are monitored and captured daily through recording of agronomic data, encoded into data servers and converted into valuable information in terms of thematic maps, trends in the form of graphs and charts to visually reflect what is happening in the production area. Data from planting and replanting up to packing and loading of boxed bananas into trucks are collected. All The information from these collected data are used to explain the agronomic history of an area (traceability) as well as to predict outcomes that may happen in the future. This precision agriculture, with a smallest unit of a 3-5 hectare per lot from a 6,640-hectare plantations, provides management factual data for their decision making in the day to day grind in the plantation.

  • To sustain the skills and talents of the TADECO Bananeros and following also the principles and requirements of International Standards, including GLOBALG.A.P., TADECO established a Quality Objective of training the employees annually on their respective Standard Operating Procedures and on Workers’ Health, Safety, Welfare and Hygiene with Bio-Security Protocol against Vascular Diseases thru the Refresher Course Training on TADECO Banana Farm (TBF) Practices. This practice results to the dramatic improvement in the workmanship and efficiency of the workers which translated to performance excellence, the best in the industry in terms of quality and productivity.

  • TADECO empowers the non-working spouses and dependents of its employees and provides opportunity to earn extra income through the TADECO Livelihood and Training Center or TLTC, a renowned exporter of artistic native products out of the TADECO banana by-products and other indigenous materials.

  • TADECO Sports and Development Program or TSDP molds and hones disciplined and determined students into national champions and sports scholars in partnership with the A. O. Floirendo Elementary and High Schools and Department of Education. Majority of the students of this institution are children of TADECO Bananeros. TSDP continues to inspire and engage the youth through a free Regular Sports Training, Exposure Games and Summer Sports Clinic. It has produced athletes for the Palarong Pambansa (National Sports Competition), Milo Olympics and varsity scholars to top Universities.
  • TADECO molds responsible and productive individuals to help in the realization of TADECO’s vision. Hence, youngsters were able to join the yearly Summer Job Program of TADECO. During its remarkable 65th year anniversary, 65 youths were enrolled in the program and were tagged as “The SAPPHIREans”. This program helps unfold the talents of the dependents and inculcate to them the values of professionalism. To help student match his/her talent to the right course, TADECO implements Career Guidance Program especially those who have the inclination on Agriculture education. Through this program, the youths are being guided to determine their interests as these will likely lead them to their career in the future. Moreover, its Don AOF Excellence Award recognizes top students in the field of academics with cash gift, medal and certificate. In partnership with the AOF Foundation, TADECO grants full college education scholarship to qualified dependents with more than 300 scholars as of this writing. This resulted to more employment opportunities and thus, improve the lives of their family.

Water Management

  • The challenges of climate change demands concrete actions in terms of water management. TADECO responded to that proactively by planning and preparing prior to the onset of El Niño late last year. Generally, the plan is to delay the effect of the phenomenon, lessen its impact in the production sustaining the plants vigor and vitality, minimizing the damage and be able to recover early from the devastating effects of El Niño in the plantation. It employed a harvesting procedure by cutting only the leaves of the plant and retain the harvested stump, thus, retaining more moisture to support the followers and sustain them for a good period during dry spell. Before 2013, TADECO is 75% irrigated but the threat of Fusarium Wilt contaminating the river water sources used for irrigation prompted TADECO to cease the utilization of said contaminated source resulting to reduction of the irrigated areas to only 18%. After a series of successful research and studies on possible ground water sources, TADECO considered tapping these resources for irrigation. The company also started implementing Fertigation where fertilizer is injected in the irrigation system to nourish the bananas. With this, the company suffered only a 6% reduction in production during El Niño in an industry where the average production reduction is 15% for the 2015-2016 El Niño.

  • TADECO has employed a far more efficient and effective irrigation system. From the previous irrigation rate of 2 inches per week (old system) utilizing a dripper with a discharge or flow rate of 2 or 4 liters per hour, recently, the company took the opportunity to reduce the rate to 1 inch per week. The recent rate was realized using the dripper with a discharge or flow rate of 1 liter per hour (low flow drip system) which has an effect of lateral distribution of water or widened wetted diameter compared to 2 to 4 liters per hour dripper discharge which has an effect of deep percolation or leaching resulting to water loss. The old irrigation system operates at 24 hours, 7 days a week, to deliver the required 2 inches per week moisture with dripper system spaced 5.50 by 1.20 meters apart, while the new system, with dripper system of 2.50 by 0.60 meters apart, which has an effect of efficient water distribution, the irrigation water is only applied for 6 hours giving the plants enough time for transpiration and suitable soil aeration. Research and trials determined that the low flow drip irrigation system has the same effect to the plant as the old system employed by the company. In parallel to 1 inch per week irrigation rate, the company also employs the Soil Moisture Balance (SMB) Technique for precision irrigation. It has Rain Gauges and evaporating pans all over the plantation for this technique. Also, TADECO has Water Recycling Facilities installed in each of the 16 Packing Stations, saving at least 100 liters per box. The saved water is now being used for irrigation. With ground water utilization and reduction of irrigation rate from 2 to 1 inch per week, employment of the scientific soil moisture balance technique and utilization of the saved water from packing stations for irrigation, the area irrigated is being increased with the limited water resources that the company has. From 18% in 2013, the company now has 68% irrigated areas with sources free from Fusarium Wilt contamination. TADECO is targeting for a 100% irrigation in 2017.

  • As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs of TADECO are the Tree-Growing efforts together with the community to maintain the watershed area; and, the Adopt-a-River in coordination with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR, a national government agency) to preserve rivers surrounding the plantation.

Integration of Smallholders

  • Due to the successful implementation of the government’s Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) in TADECO, four (4) Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries’ Cooperatives were formed, namely: Paheco Employees Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multipurpose Cooperative (PEARBEMPCO), Central TADECO Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Multipurpose Cooperative (CTARBEMPCO), WADECOR Employees Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multipurpose Cooperative (WEARBEMPCO) and Nestfarm Employees Agrarian Reform Cooperative (NEARBECO). TADECO, through a Leaseback Agreement, partnered with the four cooperatives, nurtured them and is primarily the instrument in their success. They now have their own flourishing communities and several sustainable business ventures. After 17 fruitful years, they are recognized by Department of Agrarian Reform (a national government agency), as few of the most successful and stable agrarian reform cooperatives in the Philippines.
  • Under the joint venture program between Bureau of Corrections (a national government agency) and TADECO, Inmates Farm Training and Exposure Program or IFTEP was created. This program is made possible through the coordination and collaboration with Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA, a national government agency), the Local Government Unit of B.E. Dujali (a municipality in Davao del Norte) and AOF Foundation. Through trainings in classroom setting and field exposure to various banana farm operations, inmates are given the chance to reform and regain their social being to prepare them for free community. At the end of the program inmates are awarded with Certificate of Completion leading to National Competency I (NCI) standards.
  • It is always TADECO’s commitment to prepare and train the potential members of its work force for purposes of career development and succession. Hence, it entered into a partnership with the leading learning institutions in the country, namely: Ateneo de Davao University for Masters in Business Administration Accelerated Program for Executives (MBA-APEx), University of the Philippines for MS-Entomology Off-Campus Program and University of Asia and the Pacific for Agri-Business Executives Program (AEP). The programs aim to develop leaders to be highly competent in their respective field. The program produced nine graduates for MBA-APEx, five for AEP and currently ten employees are enrolled in AEP and four in MS-Entomology.

One of the best achievements that TADECO takes honor and pride is winning the GLOBALG.A.P.  Award in 2014. Truly, it has made the entire organization in high spirits being conferred as the first and only company in the Philippines of such world-wide recognition. Despite trying times, all the immeasurable hard work and efforts invested in delivering excellent produce and addressing customers’ requirements without compromising its people and the environment were all worth it.

In addition, TADECO received two national prestigious recognitions in 2015:

(1)   Outstanding Labor-Management Cooperation for Industrial Peace by the Philippine League of Labor-Management Cooperation (PHILAMCOP) in coordination with the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB).

(2)  Productivity Based-Incentive Program by the Department of Labor and Employment.

All of the company’s achievements and successes embody TADECO’s vision “To be the leading banana producer in Asia and thereby be a vehicle for the sustained uplift of quality of life in Mindanao”. As a FAMILY company, its employees are driven and motivated with this noble cause. They are living and feeling it every day as the company continues to expand the vast and healthy green canopies of banana plant to the different parts of the region. Even the life of a Grade 9 student is touched by TADECO as she states in her winning essay piece during the Sapphire Anniversary, to quote: “TADECO is my home, my family and my mentor in life.” The achievements from the programs, policies and efforts of TADECO, no matter how big or small these are, contributed to the overall effectiveness of the company to supply its customers with quality fruits, maintain the sustainability of its operations and improve the lives of the people who gave their trust and believe in the vision of the company.

What makes TADECO world class is not our individual talents but our teamwork, not our history but how we mold our loyalty, not our achievements but our passion for excellence and in adherence to the advocacies of Global Good Agricultural Practices on Food Safety, Workers’ Health, Safety and Welfare and Environmental Protection. We value our people as we value our customers, community and the environment.