Name Guy Callebaut Company VBT - Association of Belgian Horti. Coop.
Job Title Chairman of the GLOBALG.A.P. Board Country Belgium
Team Supplier/ Crops

Advisory Board Term:​ 2017 - 2021


Board Member of VBT

Guy's Statement

My commitment to GLOBALG.A.P. is based upon my experience with farming and cooperative marketing. I support GLOBALG.A.P.’s mission ‘Be the preferred solution for farm assurance worldwide’; saying the market: trust your farmer as he is GLOBALG.A.P.-certified. Initiatives have brought GLOBALG.A.P. to key player in agricultural certification. Producers are key stakeholders for this. Being audited for many years, I am aware of the struggle to deliver safe, quality products in a cost-efficient way. GLOBALG.A.P. should support producers by providing the most practical standard for the farm and the most reliable solution for product integrity to the market, and by facilitating access to local, regional and international markets. GLOBALG.A.P. should translate consumers’ demand towards production, connect farmers with brand owners, offer producers cost-effective, one-stop audit solutions through benchmarking and harmonization, and provide integrity, transparency and open communication. I will continue to work within GLOBALG.A.P. to focus on its core business of good agricultural practices, attempting for a release of Version 6 as a clear, focused, science-based and feasible standard with audit frequencies’ alternatives supporting producers who have been complying with GLOBALG.A.P. for many years in a row. This goes together with GLOBALG.A.P. continuing to guarantee trusted supply to the market.

Professional & Educational Background

Chairman of the Board of GLOBALG.A.P. – Board member of VBT – professional producer in Belgium
Guy joined the Board of GLOBALG.A.P. in 2012 and became the first Board-internally-elected Chairman of GLOBALG.A.P. in 2013. The Belgian fruit and vegetable sector which Guy is representing, has been actively involved with GLOBALG.A.P. from its start. Until recently, as Vice-Chairman of the Board of the fruit and vegetable producers’ cooperative BelOrta, Guy was co-setting the overall strategy of cooperative marketing at the benefit of the affiliated producers. As Board member of VBT (Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives), Guy continues guiding the concertation and cooperation among producers’ cooperatives, in Belgium and abroad, as to defend their interests and the interests of their affiliated producers. As producer of pears and apples in Belgium, Guy has practical experience in the overall management and the coordination of quality management in horticultural production. His farm has been continuously GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Fruit & Vegetables certified during the past 14 years. Guy is very much aware of the daily struggle to deliver safe and high quality products in a cost efficient and sustainable way.
Guy has started his professional career in marketing, being account executive for several advertising agencies. Since more than 30 years, he is actively involved in the fruit and vegetable sector – both on the production and the commercialisation side. Beside his responsibilities in Belgium, Guy is active in the North-South cooperation, conducting on a regular basis expertise missions in Central Africa to support agricultural cooperatives in their introduction of international quality standards. Guy holds a MSc in Economics from the University of Leuven - Belgium.

Other affiliations relevant to candidacy

Chairman of the Board of GLOBALG.A.P.

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