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Country Costa Rica


B&C Exporters is a family business with more than 25 years of experience in the export of vegetables, roots and tubers to the several strict markets such as the European Union. Our company is the current world-leading exporter of chayotes and cassava, with produce available all year round as the company grows its own products. The company has also widely expanded its range of products and added eddoes, dasheen, sweet potato, ginger, green plantain, green coconut and others.

B&C Exporters later created the company Productos Congelados Bajo Cero to use the second quality products and start selling frozen vegetables, roots and tubers. Through that, the company succeeded in accessing bigger markets with even more strict regulations, which led to achieving quality and food safety certifications to reassure customers of the quality, safety and excellence of the products they consume.



Due to the certifications the company has achieved, B&C Exporters has made huge developments in the ecological area as well as social responsibility where we improved the living conditions of our employees and their families.

Regarding the responsible use of water, some of the important changes have been the recent change to an organic product to clean the vegetables to reduce the water contamination that was made over many years. The company also invested in a treatment plant to minimize and ration the use of this important recourse. Also the company changed the urinals so they are water free. As the company continues to grow, the biodiversity around us does too, because every farm we buy always has a protected biodiversity area with no agriculture or construction.

Social responsibility is a very important point for us, as our company is the only source of work in this rural area. We generate more than 600 jobs so we can feed around 1000 persons. The company is constantly helping the community with its needs, such as streets, bridges, bus stops and religious activities. The bilingual high school of Los Angeles La Fortuna was made with a land that the company donated.

The role and participation of young people and women has always been promoted since the foundation of the company because especially in plant production, more than 50% of the employees are under 30 and 70% are women. In crop production, we also make it possible for women to work in the easy tasks.