Name SnowValley Agricultural Development Co. Ltd
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Country China


SnowValley Agricultural Development co., Ltd was established on January 15th 2007, with a registered capital of RMB 75.94 million. SnowValley Agricultural is the professional potato industry group with potato seed as the core, and a business scope that covers potato new variety breeding, storing, potato process, and sales, its marketing network is spread all over China. The group provides cooperative farmers virus-free seed potato, planting scheme, agricultural financing service, and potato sales.

SnowValley Agricultural promotes new varieties of potato to different regions, forming a high-tech agricultural industry platform, which combines potatoes new variety breeding, variety and IP (Intellectual Property) commercialization, agricultural data management, and financing service.
The group owns 4 seed subsidiaries, 4 planting subsidiaries, 11 large mechanized farms; a Sino-Dutch joint venture potato frozen food processing subsidiaries, a convenience community fresh chain company; a potato industry technology Research Institute, a provincial enterprise technology center, an agricultural machinery subsidiary, and a subsidiary of providing benefiting services to farmers.

SnowValley Agriculture established 10,667 hectares of high standard detoxification seed potato breeding base in high quality potato core producing area. Completed 130,000 tons intelligent constant storages group, 50,000 square meter biotechnology intelligent greenhouse, annual production of minituber breeder’s seed reach 50 million grains, each grade of seed potatoes 150,000 tons.



Food Safety Traceability
The construction of the product quality traceability system was started immediately since SnowValley Agricultural was established. It is the first company to be certified by China G.A.P. in 2008, certified by GLOBALG.A.P., ISO9001, and ISO22000 since 2009, and we are the first voluntary farm to become certified in China, starting with a certified area of 800 hectares in 2009, to the certified area increasing to 10,667 ha in 2018. This led to the certification of 3,333 hectares for more than 50 growers within 500km. SnowValley Agricultural is the only enterprise with a single crop certified by GLOBALG.A.P.  and the largest area in China. It truly achieves the strict food safety control from field to dinner table.

Integration of Smallholders 
SnowValley Agricultural has always aimed at helping potato growers to reduce resource investment and increase planting revenue by breeding new varieties, optimizing their seed potato production system, strictly controlling seed quality, and providing perfect after-sales service. SnowValley Agricultural is always focusing on helping growers to obtain the maximum yield-increasing potential and gain persistent yield advantages, and product competitive advantage.

SnowValley has been supporting a number of local farms to promote their growth. We provide capital to smallholders to gain GLOBALG.A.P. certifications. Our Product Technologist and Quality Officer give them constant support on how to best grow, harvest, and store their produce safely. This has attracted farmers to plant a potato area nearly 66,667 hectares, more than 100 cooperatives and growers have signed contracts with SnowValley Agricultural for purchasing raw material and fresh potato. 500 families have stable income through the cooperation with SnowValley Agricultural. We generate work for more than 1,500 employees per year, of which 40 percent are women. With our assistance many of local farmers have been able to improve on their farming practices and increase efficiency of the agricultural.

Environmental Focus 
Sustainable Agricultural Project in Arid and Semi-arid Regions of China
SmowValley has implemented an international communication and cooperation program, sustainable agricultural project in arid and semi-arid regions of China. The test area covers an area of 3.3 ha, containing 5 rotation models, the rotation of wheat-potato, the rotation of wheat-wheat-potato, the rotation of bean-potato, the rotation of wheat-bean-potato. In the trail project, potato is the main crop and local specialized crops are involved as rotation. Moreover, the rotation crop trial will be implemented for more than five years to screen high effective rotation crop, explore optimum rotation systems, further promote the establishment and implementation of reasonable rotation system in the main potato area, to enhance the agricultural production efficiency and crops’ quality, to protect cultivated land, facilitate the diversity of organisms, and to eventually achieve the healthy and sustainable development of agriculture.

Demonstration of Intelligent Water-saving Irrigation Technology
SnowValley Agricultural began to popularize a drip irrigation model in 2012. The company is implemented an intelligent water-saving irrigation technology in 2017, where all the fields are equipped with Israeli intelligent drip irrigation technology. The intelligent drip irrigation saves water by more than 46%, 15% of fertilizer, and reduces the 2-3 times of spraying agricultural chemicals compared with common pivot irrigation system.

The intelligent drip irrigation increases the utilization of fertilizer and reduces the application of fertilizer through the usage of integration of water and fertilizer. The drip irrigation creates suitable environment for potato plant growth, and reduces disease occurrence rates and degrees in order to reduce pesticide application amount. The irrigation efficiency is improved greatly because of the intelligent drip irrigation, thereby reducing electricity consumption, and manual labor input is also reduced because of the application of intelligent control system. Therefore, intelligent drip irrigation technology is a green and efficient production technology that is fertilizer saving, pesticide saving, water saving, electricity saving, and labor saving.

In addition, through technology and model innovation, we explored production technologies and methods that are committed to managing water conservation and reducing pesticide inputs. We attracted farmers to plant the potato, and we provide improved varieties and plant solutions for contract farms, driving potato cultivation in the north of North China and central Inner Mongolia with sustainability, generating healthy food for the world.