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We are about growing the best produce, sustainably, from seed to table in a manner that matches up to the highest global standards and to the impeccable standards of our own conscience.
Nature Valley Farms (NVF) is about agriculture that is a unique blend of ecology and health friendly practices, keeping in mind the highest standards of enterprise.

Who We Are

We are agriculture experts, entrepreneurs, ex-bankers, researchers and industrialists united by a passion to deliver value to farmers, communities, consumers and stockholders alike. Our research-backed approach helps us to constantly drive ourselves to increase productivity, taste and quality while being mindful of the environment.

Our Vision

To be globally respected, leading producer and distributor of high quality, earth-friendly produce.

What We Do

Our farm is GLOBALG.A.P. Certified. In other words, you could pick chilies, curry leaves, seasonal vegetables or soon pomegranates & an orange from any crate from our farm with assurance that it adheres to the highest international standards. Greater efficiency means greater reverence for the earth, lesser waste and prolific productivity. Our strengths lie in our ability to streamline the farming process by the best technology from across the world. While in planting we are passionate, in processes we are mathematical. Our farms run with precision of a factory, with highly standardized processes and protocols so that our promises are backed by results.

We are a nation with ancient roots in agriculture and we combine this traditional wisdom with the best of contemporary technology. We are transforming the way Indian produce is grown, harvested and exported.

Being mindful of the planet is not just ethical, it is also profitable. By using only bio-pesticides and integrated pest management, we are protecting the eco-systems and fertility of our farms and the continued health and longevity of our own consumers. By not just focusing on producing now, but investing in research and development for the future, we can truly say we are one-of-a-kind for our country.

Farm to Fork
Sprawled across 400 rolling acres, our company owned farms are living examples of the happy co-existence of technology and nature. We believe you can only cover a great distance by marching every step, committed to the same direction. To us this commitment translates into knowing exactly how every step of the process happens and bettering it.
Our research wing, our farms and orchards, and our upcoming pack house are all parts of one vision. By owning and standardizing the entire value chain we are also able to maintain quality, efficiency and compliance to international standards from farm to fork.
This integration across the value chain is what empowers us to deliver the freshest and most wholesome fruits and vegetables possible, in the shortest amount of time, right to the breakfast table.

Residue-Free Farming
As the pledge goes, first do no harm. We believe that there doesn’t have to be a choice between quality and quantity. Residue-free farming means we use organically derived biocides and bio fertilizers to protect our crops and help them grow. This ensures the protection of micro-ecosystems, enriching rather than impoverishing local ecologies.
Environmentally mindful practices such as drip irrigation, pulse fertigation, and rain water harvesting protect precious non-renewable natural resources such as water, and prevent top-soil leaching and groundwater run-off, while delivering higher productivity at lower costs to us and to the planet.

Food Safety
The act of growing teaches patience. Orchards are a lesson in savoring the promise that good things come to those who wait. Which is why at NVF, we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to safety and quality.

Our farms are G.A.P. certified, while our upcoming pack house is going to be BRC food standard certified, which is in the process of implementation to make farming and storage more efficient and reliable. This ensures freshness by reducing handling and time, thereby minimizing damage.

You will see our attention to detail in our ability to trace each of our products right down to the plant they were grown on. Carefully watched at every step, in line with our principles and practices, chemical and pesticide residue free; our fruits and vegetables are our pride and our joy. We can proudly say that we never deliver something to our customers that we ourselves would not happily consume.

Social Impact
As part of our mandate, we believe in empowering the larger farming community around us to enable them to rise from poverty to independence. We partner with clusters of local farmers, providing them with training, infrastructure, saplings and supervision.
Our growers’ community is ensured of higher quality produce and guaranteed buyers while local environments are enriched by switching to more sustainable practices. To us the seeds we plant today will grow strong roots and wide shade tomorrow.



We at Nature Valley Farms deserve to win this award for many reasons. Not only did we convert fallow lands into lush green, state-of-the-art farms with the help of the local communities and the best of technologies, but did it in a period of two years. Hailing from a banking background we took this challenge of changing the way agriculture is looked upon in our country. Our farm is a model farm that was created with the purpose of showing to the business and farming communities that agriculture is a profitable and sustainable long-term business.

We not only developed our farms, but also identified products for export and set up a state-of-the-art pack house facility within the farm premises to ensure optimum quality standards of our product. We plan on matching the European standards in terms of quality and also providing livelihood to our neighboring farming communities that are struggling to make ends meet. Today, we can proudly say that we have made a major difference in our farming communities. We have provided higher wages to over 500 people, educated over 100 kids, and reduced dependence on alcohol of a lot of these people.