Name Tulpieskraal Farms
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Country South Africa


Situated in the beautiful Langkloof Valley in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, Tulpieskraal Farms is a fourth generation deciduous fruit farm owned by the Kritzinger Family.


Tulpieskraal Farms and its dedication to top quality fruit production, sensible environmental management and social responsibility conscience stands out as an excellent example of a business that really takes GLOBALG.A.P. objectives to heart.

Renowned for top quality apples and pears the Tulpieskraal Farms intensive agriculture focuses on quality rather than quantity. Less than one third of the total property is utilized for these purposes, and more than half of the farm is managed in as natural a state as is possible. The fertile valleys are carefully managed for pasture with a stud of highly prized Boran cattle, and indigenous herding game species, namely Blesbok and Springbok.

Water resources are products of the northern slopes of the Tsitsikamma mountain range, and these assets are managed with care and dedication. Tulpieskraal Farms is the largest shareholder of the Wabooms River upper catchment, which is kept as natural as possible with a medium capacity dam capturing the water for use. This dam also supplies the town of Joubertina with its water requirements. The presence of an incredible diversity in both animals and plants within this water catchment is home to 5 indicator species, of which three are brand new to science. The fact that the new fish species, a Gondwanoid Salmonid of the Galaxias genus, is present in these waterways is testament to the health and vitality of the catchment in question.

Social responsibility and environment education have been promoted and supported by Tulpieskraal Farms since 1992, with emphasis on the disadvantaged communities of our region.

The staff component of Tulpieskraal is the foundation of this modern enterprise, and their safety, working conditions and quality of life are invested in the hearts and minds of the owners. The loyalty and commitment of these employees is tangible, a fine example of progressive and sustainable management that augurs well for the future.

Read the Tulpieskraal Farms Environmental Audit Report here. (PDF – 4.3 MB)